10 Ladies Men Who Actually Suck

You know when some guy on a TV show or a movie manages to get all the girls hot and bothered and you’re just looking at him like, “…Really? Him? Really?

These guys are inexplicably popular despite being jerks, idiots and serial cheaters. And you know that if female characters had the same traits, their fan base would not be that big. But before I go on a tangent, check out these 10 inexplicable ladies men that leave me scratching my head.

Okay, so who did I forget to include? Which of the guys on this list are your faves? Tell us in the comments!


10 Of Our Favorite Jerks From Teen Movies

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  • TaylorJaade13

    just because he made lots of bad decisions doesn’t make him bad. he’s super sweet.

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  • Jillian

    Draco Malfoy in leather pants? That is NOT an image I wanted in my brain. And I never understood the attractiveness of Ethan Craft either. Gordo was way cuter.