7 Horrible Lessons You Learned From Brave

I’m going to start by saying how much I loved Brave, even though the bear concept was weird. Merida is one of my favorite cartoon characters EVER. I think she is wonderful. She’s tough, smart and knows that she wants more out of life than what’s currently being offered. She’s certainly a great role model for any young woman.

Although Brave is a great film and Merida is an awesome character, it still has flaws. Overall, nothing really happens in Brave. We’re left with a dull resolution to a fight after all of this epic talk about changing your fate and doing things your own way. While I think Merida is probably the Disney Princess everyone should look up to, don’t forget these things:

What do you think about Brave? Can you think of anything else wrong with the movie? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Ana

    OK, I’m starting to get lazy with typing so
    1. Disney could also be showing that not all tomboys have to be less pretty than girly girls.
    2. Maybe she DID need to prove herself. No one was taking her seriously, not even her own mom. She was making a point at how she doesn’t need a man because it’s clear she can do all the same things a man can even better than they can.
    3. Merida didn’t mean to transform her mom into a bear. She wanted the witch to give her a potion or spell that would help her mother see things the way she sees them, because her mother, of all people, should have tried to gain an understanding of her ONLY daughter’s wants.
    4. Well, she tried talking to her mom about it. She made it pretty clear she didn’t want marriage. If she had run away to escape her fate, you would still protest against it because in “7 Horrible Lessons you probably learned from Aladdin” you said it was horrible that jasmine tried to run away from her problems, and she was going through the same thing Merida was going through, except jasmine ended up marrying someone she loved. You also said that in cinderella’s case, she should have run away because she was being treated as a servant in her own house. So it’s sort of makes this statement hypocritical, because then what could she do if she couldn’t use magic, then what could she do?
    5. Who knows? Merida might change her mind, like jasmine did.
    6-7. All she wanted was it not be forced into marriage when she didn’t want to. All she wanted was freedom from that.

  • Dell

    The whole prove yourself part was just to show that girls are more than they seem. This is in Scotland or whatever where you don’t have many rights as a girl, especially within marriage. So prove to your father that you can marry whoever, or even in some cases, no one. Prove to that hag lady that you deserve to have your fate changed. Stop hating on Disney and leave it at that.

  • Kezia

    The first one is totally possible, and totally true! that is me exactly. The second and third ones were totally true of the time period, because she was a princess. it was the mothers job to make sure her daughter got a good husband, loyal to her royalty. the forth one is just ridiculas, I mean really? we all know there is no magic, and duuuh none of us are gonna change our mother into a bear, that’s impossible! the fifth one too, if it is your destiny of course you can’t change it, but this wasn’t even really that. the sixth one is crazy, we never found out whether she would still travel, and besides, the only reason she wanted to leave is because of the marriage thing. the seventh one of course she can’t get out of, no matter what, even if she gives up her right to the throne, it still is her birth right, so she can act as if she isn’t a princess, but no matter what she will be.

    You should just take the Disney movies for what they are, fairy tales. make believe storys, if you haven’t noticed most movies aren’t exactly realistic, and to match life…just enjoy the movie! it’s easy, because this one is awesome 😉

  • Sierra

    Seriously, I love this website, articles included. If you want
    To complain about this site being too negative, then don’t be a
    Hypocrite and comment only negative points of view regarding the
    Articles. If you do not like what is written then get a life and stop
    Complaining about other peoples style of writing. By the way, great job
    To the writers of this site.

  • seriously

    Seriously? STOP WRITING THESE. Oh my god. You completely, COMPLETELY miss the point of Disney movies. Did you even watch it all the way through? Stop being such crochety bitches and let people enjoy things that they enjoy.

  • Liv

    Gurl, you’re making yourself hated. We do ot like these articles. They have zero substance and are soooo overly analytical. Please, just stop. This isn’t feminism; it’s stupidity.

  • Jeanne

    All the girls have already voiced my opinion on these articles.

    Though I think it’s good to point them out, some of these points, are being overanalyzed and mind you, this is a Disney princess *fairytale* movie where some of the things pointed out is a bit ridiculous, because they were included to entertain, in addition to send a positive message(s).

    If you’re going to continue to put together posts like these, I suggest a good/bad lessons format/aspect, because it’s not fair to only point out the negatives, since there are a good amount of good lessons/positive aspects to the storyline.

    Also, personally, I love my mom and I have a great relationship with my parents. But just generally, moms or parents who are being pushy or harsh, they aren’t looking out for you. Parents like that aren’t concerned about what their child(ren) love or want, and that’s not love.

    Oh and it seems to me that you didn’t actually love the movie if these are the bad lessons you found/extracted by watching it. Enjoy it and stop taking every single thing in the movie so seriously. Not everything is supposed to be realistic, or else no one would want to watch it.

  • Becca

    stop writing these articles! they’re crap!
    I love disney princesses but I don’t care about hearing what bad lessons they’ve supposedly taught me. just leave it alone already. they’re not interesting and they’re just stupid and it’s making this website a bore.

  • Eli

    i used to love this website now its really pissing me off -_- baii

  • Felicia

    these articles are ridiculous and seriously need to stop. no one learns any of this from watching disney movies

  • rowen

    Of course they use strange methods. Its a fantasy Disney movie! You guys are just being annoying. Nothings perfect and your acting like it should be. The movies are not gonna please everyone. Brave was a great movie. It showed that you don’t need a man and u can save yourself. U guys r just gonna keep complaining about everything. Oh ya and if u want to poste this on your comments of the week go ahead. Ur expressing ur opinion and I have the right to express mine.

  • Karoline

    Not this again… give it a rest, for god’s sake…

  • Lissa

    Does anyone like these kind of articles? Really?

    You are reading way too much into Disney movies and sometimes trying to find “lessons” that aren’t really there. Just stop it. Please.

  • Claire

    There is something mentally wrong with the person that wrote these articles. Did you even watch the movie? Just stop making these. Quit.

  • gwen

    here we go again

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