Would You Rather: New Semester Nightmares


Which nightmarish situation would you rather deal with this semester? | Source: The Brady Bunch/CBS

 New semester, new problems. I hope you go into your new semester of high school or college with your head held high and a ton of confidence. I hope you accomplish a lot of amazing this this semester. I hope you kick this new semester’s ass.

But why think positively when it can be so much more fun–in a masochistic way, of course–to dwell on the negative? So vote in this edition of Would You Rather and decide which of these worst case scenarios you’d rather endure until summer break.


10 Thoughts You’ll Have When Going Back To School For The New Semester 

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  • Sarah

    Ive already been to Prom alone and i had more fun than a lot of people with dates 🙂

  • Jane

    I had to answer forget my calculator because the last time i forgot my calculator for a (ver important) maths test, my crush was with me and the second i realised he left to go and borrow a calculator for me!

    • Eli

      OMGGG thats so sweet!! YOU GO GIRL!