10 Ways To Tell If You’re Ready To Have Sex

Deciding whether or not you’re ready to have sex is a pretty big deal. There are a lot of things to consider like why you want to have sex and if you’re prepared to do it. Maybe you’re totes in love and feel like it’s the next step or maybe you’re just feeling like you want to get it over with. (If it’s the latter, you’re not ready!)

Ultimately it’s completely up to you, as losing your virginity is a very personal decision. But there’s nothing wrong with thinking it over and figuring out if you’re really ready to have sex. Here are 10 ways to tell you’re ready:

You’re totally cool with being a virgin.

You don’t use virgin as an insult.

You don’t judge anyone for their sex life.

You know that just because you feel like this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re prepared.

You’ve talked about it with your potential partner.

You feel 100% comfortable around them.

You’re using birth control like the pill AND you have condoms.

You’re aware of how complicated sex can be and that there are consequences.

Like STDs.

And pregnancy.

Do you think you’re ready to have sex? If you already have, do you think you were ready for it? Tell us in the comments!

Are you ready to say the L word?

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