Can You Get Pregnant If… The Answer To 10 Sex Questions

Hi Heather,

I just started dating this guy and we’ve recently started fooling around. We’ve had sex a few times and it’s cool, but the problem is, I’m so freaked out about getting pregnant that I can’t just let myself have a good time! Can you pregnant if he finishes near your vagina but not in? Can you pregnant if you have your period? I have so many questions, help!

Believe it or not, this is definitely not the first time I have heard this same panicky question. It seems like every girl out there is afraid of getting pregnant, whether she’s having sex or just coming really close to doing the deed. I’ve been there myself. The threat of an unwanted pregnancy looming over your head really can mess things up, even if you’re being careful.

So, to make sure you and every other girl out there has the right information, let’s go through a few different scenarios to answer the ever-changing question, “Can you get pregnant if…” And don’t laugh – these are all questions I have heard before from one of you.

Are there a lot of possible ways to get pregnant? Yes. Does that mean you can’t prevent it? No. As long as you’re careful and use the right measures of birth control, you should be okay. I recommend using two: a condom and either the birth control pill or the shot or an IUD. Don’t let semen get near your vagina and you should be okay! Hopefully, the answers to these questions made you feel a little better. Now, be careful, relax and enjoy your sexy times!

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Can I go on birth control pills without telling my parents?

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  • Samuel

    I had sex with ma girl, about 5 times on different occasions and she has missed her period yesterday . I feel stupid because after cleaning cum on my finger with cloth , I fingered her with the same finger. am totally worried she could get pregnant and if she get pregnant how can I destroy it without hurting her? Please help me.

  • Bren

    what if you swallowed your boyfriends cum and then he sticks his finger in your mouth and then in your vagina? you can’t get pregnant like that right?

  • Kayla

    The guy on the third photo has sexy back!!

  • Erileemil

    I was surprised when it said you can get pregnant from Anal Sex.

  • Ash

    Even though i wont be doing this stuff decidees because i’m 13, its still good info for when i decide to do it. Great info!

  • pinkheart

    All very good information. I guess if you had anal sex the correct way, its impossible to get pregnant but because of the chance of the guy ejaculating as he is pulling out or his semen dripping out and getting into our vaginas there is still a possibility.

  • Maddy

    Saying you can get pregnant on the pill when used correctly because its only 99% effective is like saying you can get pregnant when using a condom correctly because it is also 99% effective, its a two way street, birth control is reliable if you’re responsible about it.

    • Jessica Booth

      Yes, but I’m not going to say you definitely can’t get pregnant while on the pill or while using a condom – that would be wrong, because neither are 100 percent. You’re right, it IS reliable if you’re responsible. Unfortunately, if you’re not, you still have a chance of getting pregnant and people need to realize that as a reality.