12 Celebrity Quotes About Masturbation

When it comes to interviews, celebrities are usually kept pretty restrained. I remember one experience of being on a red carpet for a movie premiere: one reporter asked Michelle Williams the wrong question about her daughter and the dozen reporters that were left were suddenly not allowed to interview her at all (luckily, I got my questions in before) – her publicist angrily whisked her away after scolding the confused reporter.

That’s why when candid celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, who has talked about her uneven boob size and butt plugs, come around, the world goes kind of crazy. It’s refreshing to see stars speak open and honestly, without an annoying filter that keeps us from truly getting to know them. This is why we all are immediately intrigued whenever a celeb opens up about something like masturbation, which is pretty taboo to talk about in the U.S. (although definitely not here on Gurl). So when Seth Rogen recently tweeted about masturbating to RuPaul (more on that in a sec), we all giggled and clapped our hands. And I thought about the other stars who have discussed self-pleasure. Here are 12 amazing celebrity quotes about masturbation.

Which of these quotes was your favorite? What do you have to say about masturbation? Tell us in the comments.


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  • Ken Dolan

    Hate of masturbation because criminals want to abnormalize their victims behavior is also used to rape babies! I am involved in such a case

  • Ben Guinn

    I started masturbating when I was around 13 or 14. I remember having that swimsuit poster of Farrah Fawcett on my bedroom door. Man, I spent many a night beating off to it.

    I am 53 now and happily married, but I still enjoy beating my meat occasionally. Old habits die hard I guess.

  • brenda

    Like seriously, I never thought I would agree with Taylor Momsen on anything but two of my cousins have gotten pregnant at 15 and I have to admit if If hadn’t discover the amazing feeling of self love at 15 I might have try sex too

  • Tammy

    It most definitely is natural for both to do it. Im fairly sure that between 12 and 14, masturbation was my extra curricular activity haha

  • Tammy

    Between the ages of 12 til 14 i think masturbation was my extra curricular activity haha

  • Tammy

    I dont know why it would ever make sense for it to be natural only for guys. I started doing i it very naturally since i was like 10 haha

  • ” phoenix “

    to me, it was the quote from Eva Longoria that really stood out because i really didn’t expect her to say that lol i am definitely for masturbation. it has amazing health benefits. look them up on WebMd and other medical websites. to name a couple: it helps lower blood pressure and removes toxins from your body that are in excess.

  • angie

    hey what’s up with the uh ok to Nick thinking of his wife as a sexy beast no shame there

  • Cindy

    Hahaha. I was totally looking for this! Although I would have liked to see more opinions from females. Ah, I think this is a theme that should be talked about at school with that exact message of ”first get to know yourself!”. I hate how some of my friends say ”masturbating is natural for guys, but girls SHOULDN”T do it”. Like, c’mon, really? I don’t know what would I do if a wouldn’t have one of my best guy-friends to talk about the subject and all.