10 Thoughts You’ll Have When Going Back To School For The New Semester

One of my favorite things about school was starting a new semester. I mean, it’s an excuse to get new school supplies. And you get to start new classes and switch things up. You basically get two fresh starts a year!

Going back to school after a long break can be a little tough though. You’ve been doing nothing for a few weeks, which was really nice even if your family was driving you up the wall. You didn’t have to do homework or study. Your obligations consisted of watching Netflix and online shopping.

Even though you have to go back to school, a new semester is exciting! Check out these 10 thoughts you’ll have during the beginning of a new semester.

New semester, new classes, let’s do this.

I really hope I don’t do anything embarrassing.

I’m going to be super organized with all of my notes and stuff.

Omg my crush is in this class.

I hope this teacher likes me.

Oh man I hope no one takes our table at lunch. Everyone knows it’s our table.

Maybe I should join a club.

This day planner will really keep me in check. No more procrastinating.

What does he mean we already have a test in a week? We just started the semester!

I miss winter break.

Are you excited for the new semester? Why or why not? Tell us in the comments!

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