Flashback: 16 Things We Were Irrationally Afraid Of When We Were Kids

I don’t know about you guys, but growing up, I was a huge wimpy baby. I was afraid of everything and anything and I crept around the world waiting for bad things to happen to me. I mean, let’s be real, I’m still like that. The other day I was home alone and wouldn’t let my dog leave my side.

Anyway, I was worse when I was a kid. I was afraid of the dark, I was afraid of falling asleep, I was terrified of cartoon characters, I couldn’t even think about a dog without crying (I obviously am not afraid of dogs anymore)… I was even afraid of that scene from the movie Beethoven, when the dog comes in and shakes all the water off of him and it gets everywhere. It made me cry and I HAVE NO IDEA WHY BECAUSE IT IS NOT SCARY.

My point is, there are plenty of legitimate things to be scared of in this world, like natural disasters, rapists, serial killers and death. Then there are the irrational things that kids are scared of that make no sense. We’ve all been a kid with a weird fear before, so let’s talk about it. Here are 16 things we were irrationally afraid of when we were kids… and please don’t tell me it wasn’t just me.

What were you afraid of when you were a kid? Which of these things do you agree or disagree with? What did I miss? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Owen

    Well first I had the fear of being sucked down the shower drain. And being that giant baby’s lunch from rugrats

  • Morgana5953

    Two words: Large Marge. Holy crap, that scene from Peewee’s Big Adventure still keeps me up at night sometimes.

  • calley

    I *still* get nightmares about The Brave Little Toaster. The furnace. Oh my gosh the furnace.

  • Heather

    when i was a kid i was mostly afraid of lots of things but the main movie that scared me the most was ET when the boy went out side and he saw ET walk to him crying out reaching out that scared me so much as a child that part i always fast forward it to the main movie and that high pitch scream scared me deeply as a child but growing up it was my favorite movie but that part scared me deeply

  • Mandie

    I literally was so afraid of E.T. when I was younger. I would cry even if I saw the letters. I remember I was watching a VHS tape and it played the preview for E.T. I literally screamed started crying and covered my eyes. LIKE PEOPLE THINK HE’S CUTE AND I’M LIKE NO STOP. I couldn’t actually even watch the movie until 5th grade. So now I can watch the whole movie and crap like that and yeah it’s a good movie BUT deep down inside I don’t trust that little prick. ;-;

  • Jayso Kerr

    My scariest movie moment was from the NeverEnding Story. That monster the Gmork it was terrifying

  • Grace

    Why isn’t The Last Mimsy on this?? That was the most terrifying movie in the entire world. I’m still afraid to sleep with stuffed animals.

  • sarahshawver322

    Wow I thought I was the only one scared of ren and stimpy

  • carlos

    so true…

  • julia

    I had a furby and I swear it was possessed!1 it was so creepy

  • RanzeJini

    I am terribly afraid of mascot type costumes. when I was a kid I was afraid of looking under the bed too, but now I have this one thats like a bunk bed without the bottom bed, so I kinda have to look every time I’m not ON the bed XD

  • Victor

    I used to cry when i watched all dogs go to heaven.Dont know why o.O….and i used to be afraid of E.T !

  • Arianna

    im still to this day terrified or ren and stimpy i feel like the world of them is like hypnotysing i hate it

  • Jasmin Abbott

    I was always terrified of the show Freakie Stories that came on YTV. It wasn’t just the beetle or the slug looking thing at the beginning of the show but the stories and characters in it were creepy! It gave off such an uncomfortable vibe. I still can’t watch it to this day.

  • Mike

    Really?… The only fears i recall are getting lost and looking under the bed… I didn’t even know what getting drunk meant, so i didn’t worry about that… But really? Ren and Stimpy? The brave little toaster? what a wuss…

  • Adam

    My sister and I both were always scared of the scene in Labyrinth when Sarah discovers that Toby is missing. Then the creepy music, the goblins in the background, topped off with the owl bursting through the door and flapping right in her face.

  • Sarah

    When I was younger watching the film Gremlins became an excruciating goal that I achieved, but with consequential nightmares. They’re warm and cuddly…until you feed them after midnight. Then they turn into these crude, loathsome, and scabby little creatures that wreak havoc just for fun.
    Oh, and Flying Monkeys. To this day I have a difficult time watching the Wizard of Oz because of them.

  • Ria

    I was, and still am, terrified of puppets. I don’t mind finger puppets like Sooty, but I’m talking about puppets like Muppets and Thunderbirds. My parents took me to see the Muppets 3D recently and I started hyperventilating. It’s such an irrational fear and I can’t even think of any reasons for it.

  • Annie

    I am 15 now and I am still terrified of E.T. He is the creepiest thing I have ever seen. I can’t think about him before I go to bed or else I will have nightmares all night. My mom scares me with her stuffed talking E.T. toy and it scares me. I am still afraid of the dark and looking under my bed at night. This may sound silly too but I am creeped out by the elf on the shelf. The commercial and the song creep me out and the book especially saying lets make it a game. Come and find me kids. With that creepy face too. So on Christmas my mom purposely got me an elf on the shelf to creep me out. I will never forgive her.