8 Jumpsuits And Rompers For Every Body Type

I truly believe that anyone can pull anything off. If you feel amazing in something, then own it. I get a little upset when my friends try on clothes and do the “Oh I can’t pull this off.” Yes you can! You so can. Let’s all agree that in 2014, we’re all pulling it off.

Anyway, a lot of people shy away from jumpsuits and rompers because they think they can’t pull them off. They actually can pull them off, they just need to find the right style. Jumpsuits and rompers are great. I mean, they’re one piece of clothing. That’s only one thing you have to put in the laundry as opposed to two or three.

You can pull off that jumpsuit or romper, and here are 8 to choose from!

Do you wear jumpsuits and rompers? Would you wear any of the above? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Serena

    I just bought a romper- and I think it really suits me and my style! It is dark blue with buttons going down it and an in-built belt/bow. Sooo cute!!!!