Why Are Girls Flirting With My Boyfriend And Does That Mean He’s Cheating On Me?

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I have been dating this guy for almost two years… but lately, I’ve been seeing these random girls writing flirty things all over his Facebook wall. Whenever I ask him about it, he ignores it by changing the topic. I know he loves me (I guess), but these girls flirting with him are creating problems and making me feel insecure. I even asked him for his password. He gave it to me, but he deleted a bunch of conversations first. So, is he cheating on me or am I just being insecure? Why are girls flirting with my boyfriend?

It’s totally normal to feel insecure and annoyed when other girls flirt with your boyfriend, especially since you guys have been dating for such a long time. That’s not cool and it’s definitely not fun to deal with. You did the right thing by confronting your boyfriend about it and to be honest, the responses he’s giving you seem sort of weird.

I can’t tell you for sure whether or not he’s cheating on you, but things do seem a little suspicious right now. Consider these questions: have other girls always flirted with him or did this just start recently? Do you know these girls or how they know your boyfriend? When you ask him about them, does he seem embarrassed or flustered? And how do you know he deleted conversations from his Facebook?

The truth is, if there were nothing going on, your boyfriend probably wouldn’t ignore the topic when you bring it up and he also wouldn’t delete conversations from his Facebook before you look at it. If these girls have always been his friends, maybe cut him some slack. But if you’ve never met these girls before and this started happening out of nowhere, you might have a reason to be worried. While your boyfriend can’t stop people from flirting with him, he shouldn’t act like it’s not happening. If things were reversed, I’m sure he’d be just as upset!

Here’s what you can do: bring this up once more with your boyfriend and try to force him to talk about it. Don’t let him drop it! Tell him exactly how you feel and let him know how much this is hurting you. Make it clear that you are not okay with this. See how he reacts, then pay attention to your gut feeling. If you want to trust him, okay. But if your gut is telling you something shady is going on, believe it. How he’s acting right now is not that great, so it’s possible that he could be doing something behind your back. But you’ll only know if you really confront the issue – so go for it. You deserve an answer!

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