14 Books To Read Before They Become Movies In 2014

During the holiday break, I finally get to catch up on two of my favorite things: reading and seeing movies. I particularly enjoy when I can combine these two loves and see a movie based on a book I read, and do a little compare and contrast analysis.

That’s why to kick off 2014, I’ve done a little research into some books that are being turned into movies this coming year according to IMDb. The list here ranges from YA favorites to classic children’s books to some other novels, but as of now, they are all scheduled to hit the big screen in 2014. Some release dates are finalized and others unannounced, but it looks that if all goes according to plan, there is going to be a lot of book-inspired blockbusters in the next twelve months.

Here’s 14 books to read before the movie versions hit the big screen:

Have you read any of these books? Are there some on this list that you are planning to read? Did you know that all of these upcoming movies were based on books? Which of these movies do you plan to see? Tell us in the comments.


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