Would You Rather: Time Travel Edition


What era would you fancy travelling to? | Source: Doctor Who/BBC

If there’s one thing I hate it’s when people say things like, “I was totally born in the wrong time!” or “I wish I was alive during the ’50s, the style was so great.

Look, poodle skirts are kinda fun and I regularly wonder how awesome it would be to be a teenager in the early ’90s and crush on gross grunge dudes, but let’s be real: The past wasn’t perfect, at all. I wouldn’t feel safe in most parts of the United States in the ’50s and no amount of appreciation for Renaissance art would inspire me to live in plague ridden 15th century Europe.

But what if you had the chance to time travel? Would you pass up the opportunity? Which eras would you rather chill out it? A time when you couldn’t vote or a time when you probably couldn’t bathe? An era with awesome music but no internet? Decide for yourself in this edition of Would You Rather!


Okay, which decades would you hate to live during but can’t help but love? Would you even step foot into a time machine? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Lorelei

    I love the 1800s in England! *sigh*…

  • archer1985

    I would be afraid to go back in time and change history. What if I changed something so that I didn’t exist? Or so that my best friend never existed. Didn’t we learn anything from the movie Back to the Future? lol

  • violet7789

    o my gosh, i always ask that, if you had a tardis where would you go, and it’s fantastic, because the tardis translates and with the doctor you’re pretty much always safe. sure, lots of bad stuff happens, but the doctor won’t let you down. I’d always like to meet sir author conan doyle, creator of sherlock.

  • Faith

    C’mon people, Renaissance is definitely worth a visit. The plague only came at the beginning of it (late Middle Ages/ XV century)
    Also, Italy is full of amazing things!
    (I’m not being partial. I swear I’m not. I’m not even Italian… I swear… XD)

    tbs, I’d love to have a time machine *-*

    • Faith

      * well, not just at the beginning, actually, but mainly at the beginning.

  • Lovelle

    Id love to go to ancient Egypt, ancient rome, the tudor era, elizabethan era (to see shakespeare), georgian era and the 1950’s an 60’s but i guess i would end up hating it because they were racist and everything-phobic

  • Jillian

    If we go back in time to change history, how do we know we would end up with the same results that we have now? The past is the past, and what happened then is what brought us to where we are now. That’s how I see it.

    • Milli

      Yeah, I would never want anyone to go back in time and change ANYTHING…even if they do something good it will probably cause a lot of bad things for other people, and maybe even affect history today! (Especially if they do something really important, like kill Columbus or save Abraham Lincoln from being shot)

  • Rachel

    Honestly I love the whole 60s thing so yes I would step in a time machine. The first place I would go would definitely go was to the 50s-60s its my favorite time eras. The next place I would go to is back to 98 the year I was born to meet my dad. He died when I was three months old. (Plus I’ve been really interested in my hometown the way it was in the past. I just think it would be so cool back then. ) My aunt said she hated the 60s that she should have been born in the 90s and I should have been born in the 60s. I would love it if that could happen/ Hmm who knows maybe someone will invent a time machine I wish it would happen. Then again enjoy what we have in the present don’t worry about the future. God has it all planned out so keep moving forward!

    • The Doctor

      Just don’t interfer with any fixed points, the consequences can be very bad. And don’t even attempt what Rose did.

  • Lissa

    Hey, 2013 isn’t perfect either!

    Personally, I’m a sucker for the 80’s. The fashion, the movies, the music. I just can’t help it.