7 Adorable DIY Calendars For The New Year

You guys, we’re in the last few days of 2013! How crazy is that? I know this year went by so quickly, and the next couple of days will too. I’m not even prepared for 2014 yet! I was just thinking about all the things I need like a new planner and calendar and office supplies. Ugh!

Getting new calendars is pretty fun, especially if you get a cool one. But this year I was thinking about making a calendar instead of buying one. That way I can save some money and be unique at the same time.

So I’ve rounded up these really cute and easy DIY calendar ideas to try for 2014:

What are you wearing for New Year’s Eve? Tell us in the comments!

Put your sparkles on your face instead!

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  • violet7789

    I draw my own calendar and love being able to look back and see what was going on then just in the images i draw. i have a ruby gloom style character as myself and will occasionally draw in doom kitty or my boyfriend at the time. For instance, one june i had doom kitty and my character having a water balloon fight with doom kitty using a sling shot to throw her balloons (i’ll draw on either side of the month). This past july i was rewatching dragon ball and drew my character riding the dragon on one side and this pig with butterfly wings and antlers that appeared in one episode on the other side with the dragon balls.