12 Sex Myths and Urban Legends You Need To Hear

Whenever I think of urban legends, I think of this one story I heard when I was younger that proceeded to haunt me for the rest of my life. Maybe you’ve heard of it: the story is usually called a variation of “Humans Can Lick, Too” and it’s been passed around sleepovers and parties for what feels like forever.

Here’s what happens: a girl gets left alone at home when her parents go out. She’s scared, but they tell her not to worry – if she’s nervous, she can put her hand under her bed and her dog will lick it to comfort her. She does that and for a while, the dog is licking her hand – when she hears a dripping noise in the bathroom. She goes in there to see her dog hanging from the fan, blood dripping down, with the note, “humans can lick, too” scrawled on the mirror in blood.

NIGHTMARES. This story scared me so much I can barely look under beds anymore.

Anyway, that’s an example of an urban legend: a ridiculous, usually horrifying story that is passed around that someone swears happened to someone their friend knows. There are tons of urban legends about sex stuff, just like there are tons of myths about sex. And we’re here to talk about them, because why not? Here are 10 sex myths and urban legends you need to hear now.

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  • Liana

    Omg for YEARS my dad would never let me wear gel bracelets (I’d expect that, he’s from Brooklyn)!!! It was so annoying and my friends would be like why can’t you wear those and I’d just be like IDK?!?

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  • kitty

    Penis can break.

  • Sarah

    Before you post something and call it a myth do some research first. Talk to any urologist about whether or not a guy can break his penis. Its happens more than you think. The cowgirl position is the most dangerous for a guy due to the position of the penis. One slip out or too hard of a rocking motion can break it.

    • Faithgirl


  • Megan

    In the broken penis one, you mentioned that the penis cannot get broken because there isn’t a bone down there. Well, noses get broken and there isn’t a bone in there. Just because there isn’t bone in body part doesn’t mean they can’t get broken.

    • Lyric

      Um. Noses /do/ have bone. They also have cartilage, which isn’t as stiff as bone but is still breakable. Penises don’t have anything bone, or cartilage, or anything stiff and breakable in them.

  • Blahblah

    You can definitely break a guy’s penis. ‘Break’ doesn’t have to imply a bone.. That’s what’s the myth, that a boner has a home. But you can snap a guy’s frenulum (or also called a banjo string) and it will reallllllly hurt them and can bleed a lot.

  • lisa

    the thing about the broken penis is actually true, but you just don’t really brake a bone. but when a boy has an erection it is possible to break it, although there are not many people who have experiences with it 😀

  • Renee

    I totally agree that sex ed doesn’t promote sex… that’s just…. stupid. I’d rather have someone receive sex ed and use condoms as a teen rather than NOT receive sex ed and have unprotected sex and become teen parents. End of story.

  • Indigo

    The gel bracelet thing was actually popular when I was in middle school. If someone broke the bracelet off of your wrist, it was like a dare and you were supposed to do whatever the color symbolized with them. The bracelets were just one strand or whatever though, easy to break and unlike the picture. I personally never took part in this, but I knew those that did.

    • ishie

      Yeah, same at my school, except people rarely followed through and it was never more than a kiss

    • RavenBelle

      This wass really popular in my school when I started (in Ireland). Each colour represented a different sexual act, and if you snapped and broke that colour band on someone, you had to perform that act. Nobody actually did though, it was more like a dare.