7 Ways To Handle An Unwanted Gift From Your BF/GF

So I got a Christmas gift that I’m just not all that crazy about. When I received it I pretended to be thrilled, because I have a soul.. But…it’s just not for me. I  plan to return it to the store so that the gift doesn’t go to waste, but I feel super guilty about it! Fortunately, this gift is from someone I don’t see very often these days, so it’s not like they’ll be keeping tabs on me and my unwanted gift.

But what if this gift was from someone I see very often. Like a boyfriend or girlfriend? I know this happens: that special someone in your life gives you a gift and, well, it’s the thought that counts but the gift is making you wonder whether or not this person knows you at all.

So what do you do? Well, check out these 7 options and figure out which one is best for you. Good luck…and I hope you don’t make your S.O. cry.

Find A Way To Make It Work

There is always beauty in tackiness, so if you got something that really isn't your speed or is straight up hideous, find a way to make it work with your style. Ugly sweater? Just rock that ugly sweater with your favorite skirt and some boots and you've got yourself an outfit.

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Return It

Chances are your BF/GF would rather you return their gift than not use it at all. Find out where the gift was purchased and return it so that you can exchange it for something you really want.

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Fake It

Just pretend that you don't absolutely hate that purse and would never wear it. Maybe they won't notice that you, er, never wear it. It's polite not to totally trash whatever someone gave you, but make sure you can keep up the facade.

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Regift It...Later

Later is the keyword here. This is especially useful if this gift is a some sort of accessory that is often phased in and out of someone's wardrobe anyway. Give it some time so that a particularly nosey or observant BF/GF won't notice that this gift isn't in your possession anymore. Give it to a friend who might want it for her b-day in the future or something. This is a great way to make sure that a gift went in to good use and isn't being wasted.

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Deal With It

Suck it up and deal with the fact that you're not crazy about the gift. It might collect dust and get very little use, but if you'd rather that than potentially hurt your BF/GF's feelings, so be it.

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Be Honest

Honesty is the best policy, but it can be really scary to essentially tell someone that you're just not into that gift they picked out for you. But that doesn't mean you have to be blunt about it or act like a brat. Just say, "Hey, this is such a thoughtful gift but I'd like it better if in this color/style" or something along those lines. If you received something you already have, like a DVD, tell 'em that you already have it but you want to find a new movie to buy that both of you will love. See? You don't have to be a jerk about it.

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Let It Burn

Set that bad boy on fire and watch it go up in flames. Say it was an accident.

Actually, please don't do this. This is a cowardly and dangerous way to go about this. Consider all other options before setting a gift on fire, please. And if you're just a pyro, well, stay safe.

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Have you ever gotten a gift from your BF/GF that you just weren’t feeling? What did you do? Do you think it’s wrong to return it? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Jane

    I was super embarassed at my birthday party, because my friend got me a board gae I already have. i just smiled and said thank you and i was planning to just put it in a cupboard and never use it, but my other friend noticed my smile was fake, and he asked me what was wrong. with another fake smile I said “Nothing!” and he said “you already have it, don’t you?” and I nodded. It was horrible seeing the look on my friend’s face as he said he’d return it.

  • emma

    Ashley Reese, you are my favorite. And by the way, the last option is totally what I would do.