The 10 Saddest Celebrity Breakups Of 2013

It’s always sad when a relationship ends, even when it’s not your relationship and you’re not the one going through the heartbreak. It’s an uncomfortable feeling to see two people, who were once so happy together, admit things weren’t working and go their separate ways. And while it hits closer to home if it’s a friend or family member, we can’t act like celebrity breakups don’t make us a little sad also.

I know we’ve never met these celebrities and we really don’t know anything about their relationships besides what we see in the public eye, but it’s still disheartening to see two of our favorite stars break up – especially when you were really rooting for them. 2013 gave us a whole bunch of celebrity breakups, some that we were all waiting for and some that took us by complete surprise. There were a lot of splits in Hollywood this year, but these are the 10 saddest celebrity breakups of 2013. We’ll miss you guys!

Which of these celebrity breakups made you really sad? Which one did you not care about at all? Who did I miss? Tell me in the comments.


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