12 Myths About Boobs That Are Totally Not True

For some reason, people have never been able to stop talking about boobs. Whether we’re talking about how someone’s boobs look or sharing tips on how to make them bigger or smaller, we as a collective people love to talk about and think about breasts. It’s this crazy obsession that I don’t even think we truly understand.

All of that talk means one thing: there are tons of myths about boobs out there that are totally not true. It’s easy to get fooled by these because, honestly, sometimes we just want to believe them. But the truth about boobs is pretty simple – just read these facts! And then make sure you check out these 10 boob myths so you don’t fall for them ever again.

Have you ever heard these boob myths? What did I miss? Have you ever believed any of them? Tell us in the comments.


13 things we learned about boobs in 2013

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  1. avatartired says:

    I have very big boobs and i dont like it. I lost weight and it didnt work. They are so uncomfortable, I like running but it huuuuuurts so much, and people always feel free to make comments about them. Ughhh

  2. avatarAmi says:

    Haha this was good but massaging does eventually make them harder, thus appearing bigger and perkier if done Every Single Day and for about 10 minutes. Well it worked for me ;)

  3. avatarClaudia says:

    Having big boobs is horrible. Back pain and you can’t use clothes designed for people with smaller breasts (which is the majority of clothes right now), it’s uncomfortable to sleep on your stomach, they get in the way for running, etc. I’m a C cup and I’m not even overweight (152 cm tall and 50 kg).

    • avatarTahnee says:

      I’m a DD, and I’m pregnant, so unfortunately for my aching back, they are going to get bigger :( they really are a huge pain, makes running, jogging, jumping Jack’s etc pretty painful. (Although my husband does love them ;) Lol.)

  4. avatarxendlesslyx says:

    Having large boobs isn’t that great. I mean look at swimmers for example, they don’t like having large boobs because it slows them down. Now look at Models; some want large boobs because it makes then feel pretty, some don’t. In my own right mind I know that nothing can make women’s boobs larger other than their period or plastic surgery. Both of which suck.

  5. avatarChristy says:

    Bras cause breast cancer?? COME ON!! Bras are suppose to support you, not destroy you.
    And going with the “exercise causes larger boobs,” I don’t think that your boobs get drastically bigger when you exercise, but I have heard that exercising your pecks can cause your boobs to look bigger? I don’t know if that is true but its worth a shot. Besides, if you have a smaller waist, your boobs will look bigger and make them seem bigger.

  6. avatarAmanda says:

    Yeah eating sunflower seeds do not make your boobs bigger if that was the case I avoid of been a D cup by now because all I do is eat sunflower seeds (Not literally) I don’t eat them on purpose or to make my boobs bigger I just like them

  7. avatarRio says:

    Why would you even want bigger breasts? Sure, guys will give you more attention (maybe), but who even wants a guy who’s just attracted to your boobs? I’m glad that I don’t have a bunch of useless fat on my chest. I’m a martial artists. If I had to choose between giant chesticles that might make some random guys want to sleep with me and my ability to do a spin kick without giving myself a black eye, I would most definitely choose the latter.

  8. avatarRaven says:

    I find some of these actually not myths.
    My girlfriends and I have experimented and proven it.
    Massaging your breasts DOES MAKE THEM BIGGER…
    but not by much. It takes a while, though.
    Some foods do make them bigger as well, but because of the HORMONES put in them.
    Weight gain has made all over my friends and my boobs larger, and when me loose weight, they get a little saggier and smaller.
    Sleeping in your bra does make them perkier temporarily.
    I sleep on my right side and my right boob is larger. My friend sleeps on her stomach and they are almost completely equal. My other friend sleeps on her left side, and her left boob is bigger.
    Coincidence? (;
    Certain exercises can make your breasts a bit bigger. If you strengthen the muscles under them, don’t you think it would push them out a big or make them perkier?
    I am a sad example of this, as is many people I know.
    I stopped wearing a bra one summer and VIOLA, my breasts now have stretch marks and are saggy.
    Anyway. You don’t have to believe me because I’m living proof. xD

    • avatarRio says:

      No, none of these are true.
      It wasn’t the massaging that made your boobs bigger, it was their natural growth. Duh.
      There is no direct causation between breast growth and residual growth hormones in meat.
      That’s because they were getting fatter. Why would you want that?
      Uh, no, it doesn’t.
      Most girls have uneven boobs, and most people change position multiple times while they’re sleeping.
      That’s not really making them bigger, that’s just making the muscles beneath them bigger, which will eventually make your boobs appear smaller.
      That’s just how nature works. Breasts get saggier as you age, bra or no bra.

  9. avatarMiku Hatsune says:

    So there is NOTHING I can do to make them bigger :(

  10. avatarKate says:

    I really don’t get why people are obsessed with boobs- especially “big boobs”. They are uncomfortable and not practical, especially for doing things like running up the stairs and sleeping on your stomach. I don’t hate boobs, they’re just annoying to me.

  11. avatarBebbeswagger says:

    Sleeping on your side does make your breat uneven

    • avatarAlly says:

      Honey maybe that’s only your that r uneven :S

      • avatarMomo says:

        Everyone has uneven breasts… it’s almost impossible to have them exactly the same… just saying…

      • avatarBri says:

        Girls, everyone is uneven. No human is completely symmetrical unless they’ve had a lot of work done. Be happy with your breasts the way they are! I’m in my mid twenties and something you learn as you get older is that things like, boobs, butts, makeup etc don’t matter in the dating world. What counts is confidence and being your natural self! I’m not saying that to make you feel better either, real men say that all the time. The problem is that right now you are hanging out with boys and viewing media that is designed to tell you that there is something wrong with you so that you’ll buy their products. Be happy with you as you are and only good things will come! As you age, life only gets better because you learn who you are and who you want to surround yourself with :-)

  12. avatarAmy says:

    I’ve also heard that drinking a glass of milk a day or eating papaya/pawpaw frequently increases breast size. Not true! Haha.

  13. avatarLissa says:

    Want to hear the best one? Once, my younger cousin showed me a four-minutes-long techno song and claimed that listening to it twenty times a day would make her boobs grow. She was determined to try it. I couldn’t stop laughing.

  14. avatarLiz says:

    Why do you keep going to the bathing suit thing? BREAST AREN’T THE ONLY THING THAT GOES IN A FREAKING BATHING SUIT! This is beginning to make be so pissed off when you keep commenting on the bathing suit thing. STOP IT!

    • avatarSuperbandgeek says:

      Why are you getting pissed off about someone talking about bathing suit tops? We know that bathing suits have more body parts in them, but it’s usually easier to find bathing suit bottoms than bathing suit tops.

    • avatarPayton says:

      What the heck? Calm down. She was just giving an example. Why are you freaking out so much? Jeeze

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