12 Myths About Boobs That Are Totally Not True

For some reason, people have never been able to stop talking about boobs. Whether we’re talking about how someone’s boobs look or sharing tips on how to make them bigger or smaller, we as a collective people love to talk about and think about breasts. It’s this crazy obsession that I don’t even think we truly understand.

All of that talk means one thing: there are tons of myths about boobs out there that are totally not true. It’s easy to get fooled by these because, honestly, sometimes we just want to believe them. But the truth about boobs is pretty simple – just read these facts! And then make sure you check out these 10 boob myths so you don’t fall for them ever again.

Have you ever heard these boob myths? What did I miss? Have you ever believed any of them? Tell us in the comments.


13 things we learned about boobs in 2013

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  • Kyra Durso

    Massaging will make your boobs bigger, it’ll just take time!

  • Kelly

    Massaging your breast does make it grow. I am a 37 year old mother and it is working for me. I was very sceptical about it but I do it twice a day and after 1 week I noticed an increase in size I know this is true because my right boob is smaller than my left and now they are almost even. I learned that the hormone prolactin is active in the morning and while you are asleep, is what causes girls to grow breast and estrogen. When you do certain messages it causes the hormones to flow through your breast. I didn’t believe it at all but now I am happy that I took the chance.

  • Kitiemau

    A way to make your breasts slightly larger (slightly, but I think its noticeable) is to do various chest work outs. The pectoral muscle will increase in size and push the breast outwards (it will not replace the fat as some people might think) and make them slightly perkier as well. Try push ups, bench press, and other various chest exercises you might find online or you also can find justin thosoju on facebook and he is the proffesional one about breast enlargement.

  • Calvin Warwick 3

    Your only argument in some of these “myths” is “trust me” but how are people suppose to just trust you when they don’t know who you are.

  • Grace

    I am so sick of not having boobs! Its the most annoying thing because it’s not like I have small boobs or anything, I literally have breast buds, which is like no difference in development, and I’ve had them for almost three years! I’m in 9nth grade now, and I’m 14 and haven’t even officially started breast development yet. It sucks! Any advice?

    • Ryuko

      You might get this all the time, but you’re 14. You’re still young for that. Most women grow from B cups to D cups by the time they get to college.

    • The senpai

      don’t worry, flat is justice!

  • Luna

    Massaging helps a lot! Your breasts Will get firmer and bigger. Check out soñé tech

  • KST

    Sucking tits makes them larger. It’s easier to goo on big boobs than small boobs.

    Women like that.


  • Christin

    The bit about breasts not growing from weight gain is actually true. Some women get the fat in their boobs while some don’t. I knew a girlwho was overweight with A cups. Meanwhile I weighed about 50 lbs less than her and I have D cups. I even have problems as well when buying clothes, for my larger waist circumference, I have to wear a padded bra to fill in the extra one inch gap because the top doesn’t fit.
    But the bit about exercise is somewhat false. I do heavy lifting for my job and am right handed, so my right is actually bigger than my left. But this isn’t something I done for a month and went from a 32 C to a 42 D. This is a time frame of 10 years doing heavy lifting. My breasts have even grown since last year. Went from a 39 to 42.
    I do suggest bust lifting or elastin creams though. They do make your breasts perky and soft.
    Some people though will just naturally have larger or smaller breasts than others.

  • Jane

    The whole point of massaging them are to make them firm, same with exercise. Some may have grown but it’s more of a lift and will make them appear bigger. I think some of these “myths” are myths themselves