9 Important Fights That You Should Have With Your Parents

Tell me if this situation sounds familiar: as you try to assert your independence, your parents seem to hold on tighter to the old rules and regulations. It can feel like the easier option to just go along with whatever your parents say, but I’m here to tell you that sometimes it’s actually better to fight them on some things.

Now, when I say fights to have with your parents, I don’t mean screaming matches where everyone ends up feeling crappy. That doesn’t really help solve anything. However, there are some fights you should have in the sense that it’s important to discuss things you disagree about – like debate style in school.

What I mean is that sometimes you can’t let parents entirely call the shots because your input and insight is really valuable. It can be uncomfortable to stand up to your parents, but it’s also really important to (respectfully) fight with them in the interest of having them recognize you as your own responsible person.

Here are nine topics that you actually should fight with your parents about as a way to really showcase and embrace that you’re your own person:

Have you had any of these fights with your parents? How did your conversation with them turn out? What are other topics of disagreement that you think are really important to discuss with your parents? Tell us in the comments.


10 Things Your Parents Are Right About

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  • Andrea

    I think all these are true and I experience these specialy what age should I wear makeup thank so much 🙂

  • Katie

    The college one for me.

    I don’t know how to tell my parents I’m planning on taking a break from school once I graduate. Nothing major, just a year of relaxing before setting out on acting..

    .. which they don’t seem to understand that I want to do that… My mom doesn’t seem to care much, but my grandpa is ALWAYS pushing me to go to med school and find a cure for dementia and stuff.

    Just for my grandma who he’s been a bitch to for a while.

    Sigh…. I just want what I know I’ll love to do without a single judgement for once.

    I’ll make good money- money I’d love to earn through my passion.

  • jd

    That one about always babysitting….yeah

  • Tina

    Slide 9- ” college plans”
    Damn, that one hurt. My parents forced me to go to a university and it feels like I will get out at 25 (started at 21). But I wanted to take photography ever since I was 19!

    Just know if you’re reading this and the same thing is happening to you, I understand and you are not alone.