The 8 Best New Years Eve Kisses On Movies and TV Shows

When it comes to New Years Eve, there are a lot of expectations. People want to ring in the new year by having a good time, so it’s automatically assumed that you need to do something “special,” like go to a glitzy party or take an amazing vacation. But the New Years Eve tradition that has is in the spotlight the most is definitely the New Years Eve kiss.

There is just something about a kiss at the end of a countdown, with confetti flying all over and people cheering, that makes everyone act a little crazy. Everyone is all like, “OMG I NEED TO FIND SOMEONE TO KISS AT MIDNIGHT,” and it can unfortunately be the maker or breaker of a good night. I won’t lie, it’s nice to have someone to kiss at midnight – but it’s also not a big deal if you don’t have anyone to kiss! I spend New Years with my family, so until recently when my boyfriend started coming on our vacation with us, I hadn’t had an NYE kiss in a while (and I never cared). Whether you’re getting one or not, it’s fun to watch the dramatic movie and TV show scenes of people having midnight kisses. So which fictional characters won that race? Check it out: here are the 8 best New Years Eve kisses from movies and TV shows, ranked in order of adorableness.

Serena and Dan from Gossip Girl

Although there seems to be nothing special going on with this kiss, there is actually SO MUCH HAPPENING. Serena and Dan are only kissing because Dan and Blair are sneaking around behind everyone’s backs and they are trying to create a diversion. But while Dan isn’t interested in Serena, Serena is basically in love with him. Oh, Gossip Girl. You were so weird.


Joey and Chandler from Friends

I love this scene because not only does it show off the goofball personalities of both Joey and Chandler, it also shows the total bromance that was between these two best friends. Only a true BFF would kiss his BFF just so he has someone to be close to on New Years Eve.


Hailey and Seth from New Years Eve

There was A LOT happening in New Years Eve, way too much happening actually – but I kind of liked the storyline between Hailey and Seth, probably because it’s something a lot of people can relate to. Basically, Hailey wants to spend NYE with Seth, but her mom doesn’t want her to, then she sees Seth kissing another girl who “stole” his NYE kiss and then he kisses Hailey. And their NYE kiss is cute. Few things are better than surprise kisses, even ones that happen during a fight. Actually, especially ones that happen during a fight.


Chandler and Monica from Friends

I love this scene because it’s so, so Friends. Can I give you a breakdown? Okay, I will. So, if you’re not familiar, Chandler and Monica are secretly dating at this point. They really want to have their first New Years kiss together, but they can’t because they don’t want anyone finding out about their relationship. The only one who knows is Joey – so he gets everyone to kiss each other so that Monica and Chandler can kiss without it being weird. Yay!


Paul and Ingrid from New Years Eve

I swear I did not include this just because Zac Efron is involved… or did I? No, this is actually cute though. Throughout the movie, Ingrid is trying to complete a list of elaborate New Years resolutions with the help of Paul. The last item on the list? A kiss at midnight on New Years Eve, naturally. Paul shows up to surprise her with one and it’s really very sweet.


Ryan and Marissa from The OC

Oh man, I miss The O.C. and scenes like this are exactly the reason why. It’s SO melodramatic and ridiculous, but at the same time you can’t help being like, awww! Guys, remember Oliver? What an insane story. In this scene, Ryan saves the day by racing to kiss Marissa at midnight even though she thought he wouldn’t. Obviously, he makes it just in time. Oliver is not happy, but whatever.


Bridget and Mark from Bridget Jones Diary

What could be more romantic than a first kiss in the snow on New Years Eve at midnight? Um, I have no idea and that is exactly why Bridget and Mark have one of the cutest NYE kisses ever. I mean, the way it happens is weird – Mark reads her diary and realizes how she feels about him and she’s running for him in the snow – but who cares? This is adorable.


Harry and Sally from When Harry Met Sally

Annnnd here is my favorite New Years Eve kiss of all time from one of the best movies ever. When Harry Met Sally never fails to make me smile, especially this scene. After denying their love for so long, these two finally, finally admit it and get together. AH. So perfect.

Which of these New Years Eve kisses is your favorite? What did I miss? Will you kiss someone on New Years Eve this year? Tell me in the comments.


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  1. avatarXena says:

    I totally LOVE “Friends” NYE kisses! These guys never disappointed me!!!

  2. avatarPJ says:

    I came to check if Ryan and Marissa were on the list and you guys totally did not disappoint, bravo!

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