The Lazy Girl’s Guide To A New Year’s Eve Kiss

New Year’s Eve kisses are supposed to be cute and fun, right?

Wrong. They’re the most serious of business and should be approached like a life or death situation. I mean, let’s be real, there’s nothing more important than upholding a stupid, awkward tradition that probably leads to a rise in oral herpes. But if you don’t have a girlfriend/boyfriend or a casual hookup during NYE, it’s easy to feel a little left out. What should you do if you really want someone to kiss during the midnight countdown but you don’t want to actually, you know, go through the absolute agony of seeking someone who wouldn’t mind a quick, harmless peck on the lips?

That’s why we’re here with the Lazy Girl’s Guide to getting that NYE kiss. Follow these 10 steps and watch the offers line up before your very eyes.

What awful NYE kiss tips do you have? Have you ever kissed a stranger at midnight? How’d that go? Tell us in the comments!


Nobody To Kiss On New Year’s Eve? No Problem!

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  • TheLastDalek


  • The Doctor

    Just rip open my TARDIS and absorb the Time Vortex, pretty sure way to get a kiss.

    • Rose Tyler

      Doctor, that nly works with sme girls….. and Jack.