10 Moments From My So-Called Life That Changed My Life

You’re all probably sick of me talking about this show by now, but I still have more feels to share so deal with it.

Here’s why My So-Called Life is so formative: It depicted teen angst in a way that felt relatable, not alienating or petty. It wasn’t seen as a mockery like it usually is. It’s so easy to act as if teens’ feelings are just silly and naive, but that’s just not fair. Even now, a few years out of my teens, I can find myself asking the same questions Angela did. Who am I? Why did I say that? Will this person even know that I exist? That’s a part of growing up, and it’s cool that before cryptic Tumblr posts about how sad we are were around, there was a show that showed us how normal those feelings were.
This show was just ahead of its time. It tackled slut-shaming, being queer and even the big, scary, complex world of female friendships in a way that felt real, not like a Very Special Episode kind of show.
Before I go off an an even longer tangent, here are 10 things from My So-Called Life that changed my (so-called…sorry) life. From Rayanne’s style to Jordan Catalano’s eyes, the bases are definitely covered.

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  • Liz

    They told me at my school that you were going to drift away from your friends.

    • Yeah, unfortunately it’s pretty common. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to come back together in the future. That’s what happened to me! Some of my closest friends and I drifted apart in our last couple of years of high school but now, a few years later, we’re closer than ever before. It really depends, but yes, drifting is a natural part of high school and friendship in general.