The 13 Greatest Best Of 2013 Mashup Videos

During the end of December, you can always expect one thing from the Internet: tons of best of 2013 mashup videos. I personally look forward to these all year. I love mashup videos and compilations, especially ones that put the year in review in the most entertaining way possible.

But doing a quick search of best of 2013 mashup videos can be a little overwhelming. There are hundreds of song mashup vids and it’s like, where do you even start? That’s why I put together this handy list for you guys – the 13 greatest best of 2013 mashup videos. There are songs, Buzzfeed lists, Vines and more. Check ’em out and prepare to end 2013!


2013 Movie Trailer Mashup

If you’re really into movies, then this mashup of the trailers of every single movie released in 2013 is pretty epic. It also serves as a reminder of all the movies you NEED to see.


DJ Earworm: United State Of Pop 2013 (Living The Fantasy)

Out of all of the song mashups this year, this one might be my favorite. It’s catchy and it isn’t too long.


2013: What Brought Us Together

This video is way more sad and heartbreaking than any other video here, but I think it’s still pretty important to watch. It mashes together every event that happened that, while usually tragic, ultimately all brought us closer together.


YouTube Rewind: What Does 2013 Say?

Using stars from some of the year’s most viral videos, YouTube put together a video of the year in review that includes the biggest music hits, scenes from popular videos and more.


Funniest Auto-Corrects of 2013

Ridiculous and hilarious auto-corrects are my weakness – I can’t help but laugh until I cry every time I read them, fake or not. So I obviously love this video of some of the best from the year.


How The Media Failed Women In 2013

While this might not be as upbeat as some of the other videos on the list, it’s definitely still worth talking about and watching. All of the issues brought up are super important.


Best Vines Of 2013 Compilation

This year, we were all about Vine videos. Most of them are really, really funny and entertaining – and this is definitely the best Vine compilation video out there.


Pop Danthology 2013

As expected, the Pop Danthology mix is irresistibly catchy and will make you want to dance all over your house – like I might have just done.


The 5 Hoaxes You Fell For In 2013

2013 seemed to be the weird year when everyone was creating strange, seemingly pointless hoaxes for the Internet to fall for. Um… can we not in 2014?


Made In 2013

Yes, it’s another song mashup. But this one is REALLY good. I’ve had it on repeat all morning!


20 Most Overplayed Songs: One Minute Mashup

This super talented dude sings 20 of the most overplayed songs in one minute. Need I say more?


The 24 Most Perfect Selfies Of 2013

2013 was the year of the selfie… so rounding up the best ones makes total sense.


DJ Kodrew – This Is 2013

Annnnnd one more very necessary song mashup to round this list out. Do you have the perfect New Years Eve playlist yet?!

Which of these videos was your favorite? Which video did I miss? What was your favorite part of 2013? Tell us in the comments!


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