7 Horrible Things You Learned From Mulan

We love Mulan as a Disney Princess because she wasn’t just a princess, she was a badass. Mulan sacrificed herself to take her father’s place in the war and ended up saving her entire country from the Huns’ attack. If that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is.

Of course, Mulan is amazing especially from a girl power aspect. She has no problem taking matters into her own hands, no matter how difficult a situation may be. But as great as Mulan and the rest of the movie is, let’s not forget some of these lessons that aren’t so great.

What do you think about Mulan? Can you think of anything else wrong with the movie? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. avatarCori says:

    Mulan isn’t a princess… She’s a heroine though.

  2. avatarLissa says:

    Could you please just stop?

    (No comment worth adding. That’s all I wanted to say. ‘Cause it’s Christmas and at Christmas you tell the truth.)

  3. avatartara says:

    You gurls need to stop ruining Disney movies. Do you even watch them or what? First off, its a movie for kids. Like every other girl said on here, that’s how it was back in China. It has nothing to do with Disney making woman looking bad. Disney just did their history and followed it correctly. Other princess movies.. They make the movies off original books or tales that they then switch up a bit to make it into a family/children’s movie. Stop trying to make every princess movie about sex and how disney hates woman.

    I agree with Gabriella. This site has turned horrible. This used to be a great site years ago. What happened? I used to love coming on here.. Now its just annoying

  4. avatarkayla says:

    this website has actually found a reason to be offended over everything and anything

  5. avatarSarah says:

    It’s the exact opposite of this! The movie is about Mulan’s ability to break free from the oppression of her society and prove that she’s just as good as a man is!

  6. avatarGabrielle says:

    This is so ridiculous. Angie has already made the correct points about this article. I just have to this article was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. I’m 21 years old and I discovered gurl.com while I was in middle school. The girl.com I grew up on helped me through so much it’s not even funny. It was the perfect website for gurls everywhere who didn’t have the courage to ask those important questions about life. Now this website is full of crap, so unprofessionally opinionated and gossip/entertainment based.

    The junk I read on here literally makes me wonder what happen. This is no longer a site that I’d recommend to my daughter when she’s older, should she ever be scared to come and discuss female things with me.

    The only other positive thing I can pull from this site now is that fact that the old site, helped teach me that I’ll never let my daughter resort to the internet for life situation help, so long as she has a mother.

    As for the writers, editors and who ever else here at gurl, please get it together and take a look at your past to help other gurls who are the way I was years ago.

    • avatarKat says:

      I could not agree with you more. I am 26 and discovered this at around the same age. I am shocked that this article could possibly be on here and seriously question the aptitude of the staff person that wrote this article, since they completely missed the point of the movie.

      • avatarDaynaMarie says:

        Same. When I first discovered this website is was the perfect tool to learn about sex, friendship, relationships, and anything else I did not want to talk to my parents about. Now what I mostly see are articles telling us what we should be offended by.

  7. avatarnatalya says:

    Btw mulan shot the cannon AT the mountain of snow TO cause the avalanche. On purpose. She saw that she could either kill 1 guy and have to deal with all the rest or she could kill all of them. She knew that the others were probably a safe enough distance away from the avalanche so that they could get away and she was willing to risk her life to save the others.

  8. avatarNorthStarSea says:

    Okay. Okay okay okay. Look, what you’ve got going here is…admirable, but the whole point of the movie was that people WERE sexist against women in the time and place, and she had to do something radical to do what needed to be done. Yes, she was essentially wrapped up to be given to a man, because that was the expectations people had for women in the time and place! Yes, they’re still concerned with marrying her off in the end because it’s been engrained into their heads since CHILDHOOD. I agree with SOME of your points on other movies, but this one seems like the movie was badly interpreted.

  9. avataranon says:

    i think i only read gurl now to make me angry. either your sexualizing every disney movie or dissecting it with feeble arguments like this. Disney is for kids and most of their movies are set in time periods when women weren’t equal. It shows that women were strong even back then, when people thought they weren’t. And I don’t like your sex tips from ______ because not everything is about sex. SEX IS COOL, BUT TURNING KIDS MOVIES INTO SEX TIPS ISN’T. Can’t we keep things innocent?

  10. avatarJirah says:

    I agree with all of you. I did write a post here a couple hours ago, but it never went through.

    Yeah, the most lessons I saw from that movi. mentioned, were history lessons. Disney’s intentions weren’t specifically to say in that movie “since you’re a woman, why do we care what you have to say? just give me a baby boy and shut up.” that’s simply how things worked in that era, which I applaud Disney for staying true to it. I think they would have even gone as far as foot binding at the time, though at that point it would be too gruesome for a children’s movie. The same historical aspects (not exactly the same, but similar) happened in Aladdin, where princess Jasmine snuck out of the palace and unknowingly stole an apple. For Aladdin to save her arm (literally) he had to make a front that she was his “mentally deranged sister.” We all know that Jasmine herself, aside from her ignorance about life outside the palace, turned out to be a cunning, headstrong woman who knew what she wanted.

  11. avatarStephanie says:

    Basically what everyone else has been saying. :D All these things are disproved later in the movie (like the whole “women are worthless” idea is destroyed when she FREAKING SAVES CHINA). Plus, as everyone else has mentioned, these are all historically accurate things.

  12. avatarBethany says:

    Wow. Way to totally miss the ENTIRE point.

  13. avatarLauren says:

    Did you watch the movie? Because at the end, they all listened to Mulan. Your “lesson 7″ makes ZERO sense when compared to the movie. They all dressed up like women because she told them to for christssake.

  14. avatarSammi says:

    The movie is literally demolishing these ideas have you even seen it

  15. avatarerin says:

    The reason it’s like that is because that’s how China was at the time. Mulan stands up against that. And people care about more than just Mulan winning Shang. The emperor honors her at the end for saving the city. I agree with a lot of your “terrible lessons you learn from Disney” but not this one

  16. avatarRipley says:

    Recently, I am starting to think that you girls at gurl are grasping at straws because you don’t have anything to post– or you’re overly feminist and not in the true feminist for equality way. Mulan is all about the culture and time period, and all you focus about is the woman thing. At the end, no one listened to her. Of course not, and neither would you, because how would the Huns survive the avalanche and freezing cold temperatures the rest of the men saw them buried in? The country eventually realized women can be just as kick-a$$ as men and recognized Mulan’s achievements. Besides the fact, it’s a Disney movie made for little children who will not over analyze and criticize it like the editors of this website have done with all of the other princesses, unnecessarily so.

  17. avatarangie says:

    Geeze sometimes you people at gurl are really stupid it was telling a story of ancient China and how things were and then were pointing out they were wrong sorry if you prefer Disney to make it all so happy and easy breezy lets all be friends but the point is that in reality during that Era general Chang would have reacted the same way in reality that he did in real life. By them writing it the way YOU’D prefer it than it wouldn’t have been historically accurate. Notice they weren’t using machine guns and army tanks or on cell phones either. hint hint they didn’t have them then and so you wouldn’t write them in.

  18. avatarFelicia says:

    this movie is set in ancient china. at that point in history women had absolutely no valuable opinion, i mean, that’s history, all they were seen as useful for was to look pretty to get a husband and then to cook and clean for that husband. Come on, the movie is historically accurate, for the most part.

  19. avatarVitaloni says:

    Here it goes again…

  20. avatarAurelia says:

    Um those aren’t exactly lessons. It’s just showing the reality of the attitude towards women in China back in those times. At the end of the movie, people eventually recognized what Mulan did for their country even as a woman. The “lessons” in the other Disney princess movies are far worse.

    • avatarBrooke says:

      I completely agree! In fact, the reason Disney is showing these crappy “lessons” is to show how unfair they are. Mulan is the one Disney movie that doesn’t warrant any criticism.

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