10 Awesome DIY Ways To Wrap Presents This Year

Okay, so you’ve done all of your holiday shopping (hopefully) and now you have to give said gifts. But you can’t hand over unwrapped gifts, you know? Half the fun of opening presents is actually opening them! You get something wrapped in paper without any clue to what it is. Maybe you shake it or feel how heavy it is and try to guess what’s under the wrapping. It’s all very exciting!

Do you really want to just give a gift wrapped in regular ole wrapping paper? Of course not! You want to give a memorable gift in memorable wrappings, preferably something so cute that that the recipient won’t even want to open it. Or something useful so they get two gifts in one.

Regardless of what your gift is, first impressions are important so you want to start with some awesome wrapping.

How are you wrapping presents this year? Are you going to use any of the ideas above? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Ashy

    The jar has togepi on the top (a pokemon)
    For tubular objects I didn’t know how to wrap I simply wrapped the paper around and cut tiny sections off the end for each sides and then tied them together. It made it look like a little candy, good enough for me lol.