7 Of the Best Movies To Watch After You’ve Been Dumped

So, you got dumped.

Well, you don’t need me to remind you that breakups are tough, especially when you’re the one who was broken up with. You might be drowning your sorrows in junk food or writing really emo, cryptic tweets or Tumblr posts, but one thing is certain: You’re a mess. 

It’s normal to feel like that at first, but after too long it’s doing you absolutely zero favors. How about you curtail some of that angst with some movies that’ll cheer you up. From girl power classics to revenge fantasies, check out these 7 movies that you should watch after you get dumped. We’ll bring the movies, you provide the ice cream.

Jennifer's Body

What's better than watching a movie about a woman eating men after some dude broke your heart? Uh, nothing?

Source: Jennifer's Body

Waiting To Exhale

Do you feel like burning everything that your ex-owned? Well, don't do it (seriously, don't), but you can watch Waiting To Exhale and watch Angela Bassett (who you may know from American Horror Story: Coven) do it instead. Super cathartic.

Source: Waiting To Exhale

Legally Blonde

Maybe you didn't get broken up with because you're a blonde, but if your ex-BF/GF was a pompous, self-centered jerk then Legally Blonde is the movie to watch. Not only does she show him a thing or two, she also gains the confidence to do some pretty dope things like, I don't know, graduate from an Ivy League law school when nobody believed in her.

Source: Legally Blonde

John Tucker Must Die

Okay, not the most high quality of films, I'll admit that. But a group of girls getting together to enact revenge on their ex? I'd watch it.

Source: John Tucker Must Die

She-Devils On Wheels

A '60s movie about an all-female motorcycle gang. Nuff said. This'll make you want to kick ass, take names, and have some really awesome matching biker vests.

Source:She-Devils On Wheels

Themla And Louise

Watch this classic with your best gal pal and you'll forget that d-bag who made you feel like crap. Also, make sure to steal some fun style pointers.

Source: Thelma And Louise

The Notebook

Watch this only if you're a complete and utter masochist. You'll be a mess and it won't be worth it but you do you, girl.

Source: The Notebook

What movies have cheered up you after being dumped? Which made you feel ever worse? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Alexa Nicole

    Sex and the city helps me alot when I’m going through break ups! 🙂

  • Sioned

    You should have included first wives club, that one’s fun. I agree with the rest of your list though, it’ll probably be useful in the future lol.