10 Of Our Favorite Hashtag Trends Of 2013

Twitter hashtags are really a cultural phenomenon. I mean, sure, usually the trending hashtags are about Justin Bieber or something, and they can definitely bring out the knuckle dragging racist/sexist/homophobic lot of Twitter users, but when a Twitter trend is good it is good. I’m not really sure how this internet magic works, but one wacky or thought provoking hashtag becomes a news story over night and spreads like wildfire before dying down and reducing into the smoldering embers of the internet.

Wow, I’m going to pat myself on the back for that melodramatic metaphor.

So my point is this: There were some really amazing hashtag trends this year. Some made us think, some made us cringe and some managed to make us do both at the same time. Here are 10 of our favorites of the year!



Twitter really decided to go there with it…but I definitely agree that both of these songs scream sexy.




#notyourasiansidekick I learned so much from this tag! It’s really important to hear from Asian voices when it comes to politics and identity.





#solidarityisforwhitewomen   This tag was born after respected (ugh) male feminist Hugo Schwzer claimed that people of color got into the way of feminist discussions. Well, Twitter fought back.



#racismendedwhen Ha, so the Republican Party’s official Twitter account tweeted about Rosa Parks ending racism when she refused to sit at the back of the bus. Racism…over…that’s…funny. Twitter thought so, too.




#nodisrespecttobenaffleck We have Kanye to thank for this one.




Men’s rights is the battle of our generation, everyone. Think of the poor, poor patriarchy! What we need to do is make sure that men have proper representation in film…and film titles.



#blackbuzzfeed I would go on blackbuzzfeed.com. Without a doubt.



#worstpickuplines These are gross, cheesy and embarrassing which is why I am laughing like an eleven year old boy.




A few weeks ago Jezebel decided that selfies were a cry for help. Well, let’s just say that some awesome women disagreed.



I love Bey’s latest album but some critics are going a little overboard about what they assume Beyonce is espousing in her lyrics and music videos. Of course, Twitter got in on the action in the best possible way.


Which Twitter trends did you love this year? Which did you think got super played out? Tell us in the comments!


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