Advice On Dating, Sex, Shaving, Vaginas And Life All Girls Need To Know, From 15 Reddit Users

I know I’ve definitely said this before, but seriously this time: this has to be my favorite Ask Reddit thread ever. Someone asked: Women Of Reddit, What’s Something All Girls/Women Should Know? What followed was a huge list of advice that all of you girls NEED to know. These Reddit users that responded seem smart, strong and independent – and the advice they’re giving is pretty amazing.

So, here is advice on dating, sex, shaving, your body, friends, guys, boobs, vaginas and life in general that all girls NEED to know for the year 2014. I mean, you need to know it regardless, but start your new year off right with some very special insight. Some of this stuff will really change your life or how you see things and we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


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  1. avatarviolet7789 says:

    I never use shaving cream, i learned early on to use conditioner when shaving my bikini line and just soap when shaving my legs, it works fine and i hardly ever get razor burn or cut myself. also, there’s a site called the large labia project where you can see other girl’s bits and see that they all look different.

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