10 Easy and Glam Holiday Makeup Tutorials You Need To Try

The holidays are a great time to get a little extra dressed up. Not only are Christmas and New Years Eve an excuse to wear that adorable party dress you just bought, they’re also the perfect time to try a glamorous makeup look that would look out of place on a regular day.

I’ve been searching for two holiday looks – one for Christmas, one for New Years – so I decided to help you guys out as well. These 10 holiday makeup tutorials are easy, foolproof and shouldn’t take you very long. Who cares if you’re just having a family dinner at your grandmas house? It’s fun to get a little dressed up sometimes! Check out these 10 easy makeup tutorials right now:


Okay, first of all, how much does this girl look like Kim Kardashian?! It’s crazy. Second of all, I love the gold glitter under the eyes. So different and fun!


I think this look is so pretty. I might do it! I also love her bright pink lip color. So glam.


I love the look of purple eye shadow. It’s bold, but you can pull it off.


This look is really beautiful. I love that it’s neutral, but still really glamorous and pretty.


If you want to go super glittery and glam, try this look. It’s very bold and it’s a lot of makeup, but it could be perfect for a fancy New Years Eve party.


This makeup look is gorgeous and so classic. The video also shows you how to do nails and hair like this girl. She looks amazing!

This gold smokey eye is great for the holidays – or any party you have to go to throughout the year.


This look is so pretty without being over the top. I love the smokey eye!


Green can be a strong color, but it’s perfect for Christmas… and will look just right if you do it like this.

This is very glittery, but if there’s one time to go full-on sparkly, it’s New Years Eve!


Which of these looks is your favorite? How are you going to do your makeup for the holidays? Tell us in the comments.


10 super pretty and easy holiday hairstyle tutorials

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