From The Message Boards: What’s The Meanest Thing A Guy Has Ever Said To You?

I was browsing the boards and came across a topic that really stood out to me: “What’s the meanest thing a guy said to you?”

The results made me pretty bummed, but I think it’s important to know how to deal when someone says something horrible to you.

Let’s see what y’all had to say!

cestin_forever said:
“So I’ve had a few jerks say mean things to me. I’m willing to share what they said to me if you’re willing to share with me. Anyways, a guy said ‘He knows why guys leave me so early’ and he also said I’m immature when he’s a year younger and starting this fight. Then another guys said ‘I don’t have to trust you, I never did.'”

Jellytotssssss said:
“Once when I was 11, this Guy in my class said ‘When I first saw you I thought to myself ‘What the hell is that?’
Yep, that’s actually what he said. The funny thing is we’re really good friends now.”

starryphoenix said:
“I considered this guy a good friend, and he told me that to him I wasn’t a friend just an acquaintance.”

ALotLikeBirds said:
“I went through a bad time and dealt with it by hooking up with people way before I was with my boyfriend, but because of that, my boyfriend once said to me he doesn’t trust me going to parties because he ‘knows what I’m capable of.'”

elegantpinklace said:
“I remember that my ex said to a guy that I was a psycho. So not cool. Me and that guy were talking, but you know what I’m happy it never worked out between because I would have never gotten with the man I am with today.”

Ouch. These are just not fun. I was picked on a lot growing up so I had insults hurled at me all the time. But the meanest thing a guy ever said to me came from an ex-boyfriend who, during our breakup, called me the c-word multiple times and told me he wished I never existed. What a peach.

I wanted to share these things because I wanted to express that it’s important not to generalize people. Not all guys are jerks. Not all girls are jerks. Every person has the capability to say really horrible things.

I know how hard it is to take mean things that people say to heart. It’s easy to let a mean comment get to you and make you feel badly about yourself. I just have to stress that the best thing you can do is ignore comments like this and to not respond. I know you want to say something back or defend yourself, but ignoring things like this take the power away from people who say mean things.
What’s the meanest thing a guy has ever said to you? How did you respond? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Anon

    I spent over half of the school year getting close to this ugh I had major feelings for. I would have said I loved him at the time. As we got closer, he started treating me more and more like a girlfriend. I went along with it, and we never really defined anything (my mistake). I texted him one night asking him to put a label on what we were. He responded with “you’re just a friend. A hot friend, but just a friend”. I asked why he treated me like more and and he replied, “I treat you like what you are, a hot friend”. I proceeded to get his a** out of my life and never speak to him againbafter that school year.

  • Maddie

    One time I was making out with a guy at a party and he stopped suddenly and said “you’re too fat to make out with ” I’m not even fat I’m 5’7 and weigh 111 pounds

  • camrynschoon

    In 6th grade I was in a band class, the only 6th grader and an eighth grade boy once said to me, “I have bigger boobs when I flex” and some girls agreed. The next day he came up to me and asked for money. They really don’t realize what hurts a girl do they?

  • Olly

    Once this guy called me a ‘small, massive foreheaded ugly midget’ which hurt a lot because I am already selfconcious about my height. We weren’t dating or anything, I just said he was cute and that was what he said in return. To be honest, now I don’t care what anyone says. I’m a tough cookie now!

  • twilight_daylight16

    there r some guyz in our clss n they’re such an ass n soo rude. they keep criticizing each an every peeps whenever they get a chance, and obviously their gang contains the popular girls… I’m usually quiet b4 them coz I juz dnt wnt to get humiliated and judged 4 any mistaken words..nd i have a “great feeling” with prestige. I sing well, so one day our teacher said me 2 sing a song I like, and when I went up to sing, one of the dudes announced “oh, here comes the Nicki Minaj”(they really hate this singer, indirect way of saying ugly or something..) another said “dude no, she has got be Miley Cyrus, what happened? yer gonna sing a song or not?stupid..” I mean… I was just SPEECHLESS! they also comment on my dresses, my hair(calling it “duck-tail”).. How could just someone be so offensive..I never caused them any harm, I don’t even talk to them so frequently so, wtz their fucking prob? they have also insulted my bestie a couple of times judging her weight..
    so guyz, u really need to stop acting lyk a jerk and stop judging so much. It doesn’t make u luk smart.

  • Selena

    I’m a new junior at my school and a guy friend spread a rumor at my new school saying that i lead guys on and “get around” when I’ve been with the same guy for over a year…a guy also told me I’m mediocre, and that I am a slut even though again I’ve been with the same guy for a year…