13 Things We Learned About Boobs In 2013

Boobs, boobs, boobs.

If you’ve got them for the long haul, it’s hard not to have a lot of feelings about them. Some of us hate our boobs, some of us love ’em, some of us rely on a push-up bra for confidence and others hope to mask their breasts in oversized shirts and bad posture.  Oh, and when they’re not making us happy or sad they’re plaguing us with cancer worries or getting ogled at by straight dudes with absolutely zero subtlety and we just wish that our boobs could actually do something exciting like this:

austin powers fembots

Either way, boobs can be pretty important, so it’s good that we learned a thing or two or 13 this year. Check out these 13 things we learned about boobs in 2013!


Which of these facts and stories actually surprised you? Which weird you out? Tell us in the comments!


15 Crazy Interesting Facts About Your Breasts

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  • cutegurl

    I’m 11 and i have big boobs yet still don’t wear a bra

  • Vanessa

    I’m thirteen and I’m a 38 c and it sucks my boobs get all hard during my period and it hurts

  • Maria deizy

    Having bg boob is even more beta coz they brng attention alot

    • Gwen

      Mine aren’t big at all! And I’m a size 34A. But anyway these were interesting and really helpful facts! 🙂

  • Laura

    34DD is the average bra size?!?! Wow, I used to think D-cups were huge, now they’re below average…

  • dee

    are is our spelling error.

    • Ergan