14 Things We Don’t Want To See In 2014

The year 2014 is right around the corner and, honestly, I’m definitely ready for it. 2013 has been a pretty good year for me, but there were some things this year that really grated my gears. I mean, from celebrities walking around in blackface to 50 (very precise calculation, of course) singing shows on the air at the same time, I’m hoping that 2014 will be the fresh start that the world needs to finally start realizing just how ridiculous some of those things are.

See if you agree with these 14 things we definitely don’t want to see in 2014.


What really annoyed you this year? What do you really hope is changed in the next year? What do you think is going to stay exactly the same? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Lovelle

    To be honest people will get offended over different things and will have different reactions. This may not just be because of what they see on the tv but someone may have mocked them in the past which has caused them to become offended by what they see on the tv. You cant just say ‘oh people are so sensitive and get offended easily’ because yes i get a little annoyed when people complain about something that to me isnt a problem but guys everyone has their own opinion and values and no amount of ranting will change this. Come on guys this is something you learn as a child people have different opinions and are entitled to that. Yes some of you may not agree with everything in this article i know that i dont agree with everything that was said. But whoever wrote this didnt write this to please or to agree with you or you opinions they wrote this to voice what they had to say. Some of you werent offended then good for you but just imagine watching something that everyone else can see and being offended. Then you have to deal with a load of jerks complaining that you are too sensitive. Your going to feel like trash and that you feel like you have to change your opinion to suit others. Thats just wrong. Also I think its horrible how some of you are just grilling her because you dont agree with whats said. I think we all stop worrying about how sensitive everyone is an worry how easy its become to just disregard peoples thoughts and feelings. If you took their feelings into account first then maybe we wouldnt be so sensitive. Think before you speak, type or write people it can make all the difference.