Reader Hookup Confession: My First Time Getting Oral Sex Was Uncomfortable

If there’s one thing girls can always bond about, it’s an embarrassing hookup story. Trust us: we all have them. So don’t be shy! Read this OMG reader hook-up confession and then send your own to

After a hard breakup, I decided to try a friends with benefits type of relationship. An old friend of mine introduced me to this cute guy and I figured, why not. The night we met, we made out at my friend’s house and then made plans to meet up the next day. When he got to my house, we secretly went upstairs into my room.

After a while of us hooking up, he asked me if he could go down on me and give me oral sex. I thought about it and then agreed to it with the first guy ever. I assumed it would be great and that there was no way a guy could mess it up (especially one who kissed like him). Damn was I wrong! I don’t know what he was doing down there, but it didn’t feel that special. The worst part was that he stared at me the entire time. It was actually really creepy. Instead of making me feel good, it totally turned me off. I called it a night soon after.

I’m dating someone else now and I make my boyfriend go under a blanket if he wants to give me oral sex. By the way, my boyfriend is AMAZING at it, so girls, if your first time doing something sucks, don’t judge every guy based on that. It gets better 🙂

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  • Dgirl

    it seems creepy for the first time, but he probably wanted to see what you thought about it!

  • Cierra333


  • india02

    Dude, don’t make him go under the blanket! Guys are visual about sex and seeing a girls reaction is their biggest turn on! If it helps I always put my face in the crook of my arm and just enjoy it. Its super awkward at first but trust me, oral is the best.

  • missemm123

    Once you find someone who knows what they’re doing…oral is great 😉 but if he doesn’t know what he’s doing I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if you told him what felt good, that way he’d know and improve.

  • :-[

    That’s not even close to being as bad as mine was. Lol

    • Dgirl

      Tell it!!!!!:D

  • Paulette

    Well, everybody is different.

  • To each their own

    As a woman, I don’t find it creepy at all. All have different opinions about it. It’s a turn on for me seeing him watching that I’m enjoying it. It often tells him if he’s doing it right or not.

    • no nonsense chick

      I cannot agree more. I think as girls we make so much of a fuss about every single thing. Those girls who cant accept that a guy will/may watch their (girl’s) responses or even stare and look, should not be engaging or expecting the guy to perform oral sex on them. By such thoughts, beliefs and expectations, we are transforming guys into weak, sheepish, effeminate wimps and not allowing them to be normal. Everything they do or think is being considered bad. As for me I want my guy to be a man. I want him to be gentle yet masterly and not be subdued by such silly nonsense from us girls. I love oral sex and he can “stare” at my responses for as long as he wants. I just want him to make me orgasm repeatedly. Nothing creepy about that!

  • lynzie

    so..a guy looking at the girl when going down on her is creepy??????????????

    mmmmmm………………cant believe that sum 1 can be so stupid even to say sumthn like this.

    no wonder guys thnk we r stupid

    • Bunny

      She said, STARING, not LOOKING. And I think your grammar and spelling make you look a thousand times more stupid.

      • no nonsense chick

        Bunny, “staring or looking” how does it matter?? People are so effin sensitive and so uptight, they take the fun and pleasure out of everything.
        You must be a old crumbly decrepid spinster who has no adventurous attitude to sex. Calling that girl an idiot does not in any way make you seem more clever. On the contrary you sound more of an idiot who gets a kick out of name calling.
        Bunny..NOT.. more like an old hag or mare that no stallion would mount. LOL!!

        • IN YA FACE SUKKA!!


  • whats the problem?

    it is very common for a guy to watch the girls reaction when he is going down on her. I dont understand what the big deal is.
    The guy gets turned on seeing how girls react and respond to being eaten out.
    I think we tend to over react and I believe it is because of our own insecurities.
    There is nothing creepy about a guy watching the girl when he is going down on her.

    • chelle

      found the creep