First Date Looks: 10 Clothes And Accessories Inspired By Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink has some of the best style of any ’80s movie. I mean, it has a little of everything, from ultra prep to ultra indie to ultra grandma. I’m serious about the grandma bit, look at Andie!

duckie and andie pretty in pink style

But it’s Duckie’s style that really steals my heart. Big blazersquirky shirts, those wire rim sunglasses…I would wear all of that in a hot second. It’s the perfect blend of quirky and tailored.

Whether you love Pretty In Pink or you just want to pretend that you’re an ’80s high school outcast (or a prepster who is in love with an outcast), check out these 10 clothes and accessories that’ll help you emulate that look.

Which Pretty In Pink character had the best style? And, of course, I have to ask: Should Andie have ended up with Duckie or Blaine? Tell us in the comments!


10 Clothes And Accessories For My So-Called Life Inspired Style

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