Why Is My Period So Irregular and My PMS So Severe?

Dear Heather,

Okay, so I’m having some problems with that time of the month. My period is super irregular and my cramps are so bad that all I can do is cry or groan. I always get really hot and I feel like I’m going to throw up. But when I try to cool down, I instantly get cold chills and feel really sick. I know that periods are supposed to suck, but mine is just completely unbearable without meds. Why? Is something wrong?

Aw, girl! I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. PMS is uncomfortable for all women, but honestly, it shouldn’t be this bad. There are some things you can and should do to make it better, but first you need to try to figure out exactly what is going on in the first place.

Severe PMS, like yours, is usually associated with premenstrual dysphoric disorder. PMDD, as it’s more commonly known, is a form of really terrible PMS that can disrupt everyday life. While PMDD means more physical pain, it also means more emotional issues as well. When you get your period, do you ever feel extremely depressed, anxious, moody or angry? If you’ve noticed these sudden mood changes along with your physical issues, it’s possible that you’re suffering from PMDD. If this is the case, it can be treated with regular exercise, birth control pills or anti-depressants.

But don’t self-diagnose here. If you’re feeling this much pain during your period, you definitely need to see a doctor. Schedule an appointment with a gynecologist to talk to him/her about the problems you’ve been having. The doctor can figure out what’s going on down there much better than I can.

With terrible PMS symptoms like these, doctors usually recommend birth control pills. The Pill does more than just keep you from getting pregnant – it regulates your period and makes PMS symptoms better, like almost getting rid of cramps, headaches, bloating and more. If you don’t want to go on birth control pills, other things you can do to make PMS better include regular exercise, eating better, or using certain herbal remedies.

As for the irregularity of your period – this could be caused by stress, too much exercise or dieting, your age, or conditions like Polycystic ovary syndrome. If you just recently started getting your period, that could explain why it’s so irregular. Sometimes it takes a while for it to get on track. But, again, I can’t diagnose you. Go to the doctor and explain what’s going on!

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  • Lindsey

    My period is soooo heavy and the cramps and mood swings are horrid; however, the dizzy spells and fatigue are the worst! One time it was so bad that I actually passed out in front of my school’s Ag department because of my period! My mom and my BFF are the only people who knew that it was my period. Everyone else believes it was an electrolyte imbalance or a panic attack!

  • Kayla

    Ohh girl I know how you feel. I went and got my hormone levels checked and apparently I had absolutely no progesterone so now I’m on a cream for it and that stuff works wonders omg

  • Pippa

    I was exactly the same until my doctor put me on birth control, I used to vomit and faint and had to leave school and even went to hospital at one point because it was so bad but now my period is so much lighter and I virtually no pain. Its worth going to a gynaecologist to get checked out but go to your doctor and ask because it could virtually get rid of the problem.