7 Celebrities Who Spoke Out Against Photoshop

It’s not a secret that pretty much every photo you see is Photoshopped. It’s the unfortunate truth no matter how much we all want to see REAL photos in magazines and on billboards. Photoshop is great for things like enhancing pictures, but when the line is crossed to make people look unrecognizable, that’s a problem. Fix those flyaways and brighten up the lighting all you want, but don’t go changing features or skin tone.

I know the horrors of Photoshop as well from my own work in the modeling industry. I once saw edited pictures of myself that made me look skeletal and that had completely changed the shape of my nose, which is a feature I struggled my entire upbringing to love. It’s really hard to see a photo of yourself and think, “Is that how I’m supposed to look?”

Some celebrities recognize that the Photoshopped-to-death look isn’t good for anyone and speak out against it, which is great. Sadly, not more celebs speak out against this dumb trend. But we love the ones who do! Take a look.

What do you think about excessive Photoshop? Do you think it needs to stop? Tell us in the comments!

Our bodies don’t need Photoshop when they’re this amazing!

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