15 Amazing Twitter Reactions To Beyonce’s Surprise Album

In case you haven’t heard (if you haven’t spoken to anyone all day), Beyonce released a surprise album last night at midnight without any press, any leaks or even letting anyone at all know that it was happening. Her fifth studio album includes 14 new songs and 17 videos and she’s calling it her first visual album. The reveal was amazing and naturally, the Internet went crazy.

Twitter exploded within minutes of the Instagram video announcement that the album was available on iTunes. That’s because this whole thing was FLAWLESS. Normally, even singers as popular as Katy Perry and Britney Spears do months of press to get people amped for the release of a new CD. They do hundreds of interviews, TV appearances, shows and more – but Beyonce did literally nothing and still managed to beat everyone. This is why she’s #QueenBey.

Speaking of which, that hashtag has been trending on Twitter since the album came out. People are pretty excited about this new Beyonce album. Let’s look at the 15 most amazing reactions to the surprise, shall we?

















Which of these was your favorite? What was your reaction to the new Beyonce album? Are you a fan? Tell me in the comments.


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