15 Of The Worst Movie Girlfriends Ever

There are a lot of terrible relationships in movies – usually, a plot revolves around that terrible relationship. Since I’ve already shown you guys the worst boyfriends from movies, it’s only fair that I also show you the worst movie girlfriends ever.

These ladies are all really bad girlfriends for their own reasons. Maybe they nag a little bit too much, maybe they’re too selfish, maybe they’re just not very nice people. Either way, one thing’s for sure: you definitely don’t want to model your own relationships after any of theirs! Also, just a thought: why are the majority of these bad girlfriends blonde? That can’t be a coincidence. Check out the 15 worst movie girlfriends ever: 

Which of these movie girlfriends do you think is the worst of them all? Which do you not agree with? Which terrible movie girlfriend did I miss? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Fizz

    I adore Fitzgerald’s character of Daisy Buchanan!
    Yes, she did create heartbreak and tension, but she couldn’t wait forever when Gatsby went to war, she was young and naive, for all she knew he may never return, and this was a time when a woman looked for stability and to settle down fairly early, if only to fit in with the status quo.
    Daisy is the most torn and heartbroken in the love triangle between Gatsby, Tom, and herself. At the end of the day, Gatsby projected his dream onto Daisy, who was not the woman he had imagined she would be, he clung to the past and nobody could expect Daisy just to wait for years on end, stuck frozen in time indefinitely.
    She fell in love with Tom, and then Gatsby tore back into her world, moving to the other side of the bay, throwing lavish parties, yes all for her, but it created such pressures which she couldn’t deal with. All of this happened while she knew that Tom was frequently cheating on her with other women, namely Myrtle, and Daisy tries to cover this up in front of people, even her cousin Nick and good friend Jordan.
    She even expresses her wish that he baby girl will be a beautiful fool, because she knows that the world will hurt her, and maybe she won’t feel such pain that Daisy did if she is a fool and ignorant to the heartbreak served to her by all men whether from new money, or old.

  • Morgan

    I’m just wondering… Do you have something against blondes?

    • Jessica Booth

      Absolutely not… I think Hollywood might though!

  • Christina Sarah

    You totally forgot about Zooey Deschanel’s character Noel in my all-time favorite movie All the Real Girls. Although Paul, played by Paul Schneider, had a reputation for having slept with every girl in town and a streak of very short-lived relationships, he comes across his best friend’s little sister who just came home from an all-girls school & feels something so special with her that he doesn’t want what he has with her to be like it was with the other girls. When she’s ready to lose her virginity, he tells her he wants to wait–but she ends up losing it to some random guy while getting drunk at a lake house party, comes home and confesses & it shatters his whole world. To top it off, she leaves him confused at the end when she tells him that he has her heart despite what she did. Beautiful movie, though. I love it.