8 Holiday Sweaters That Are Cooler Than What Your Grandma Will Give You

Remember in Harry Potter when Ron and Harry get those horrible holiday sweaters from Mrs. Weasley? That’s a common trend that I apparently missed out on. All of my friends got tacky holiday sweaters from their grandmas, but I did not. And I’m a little jealous if I’m being honest with you.

If you’ve ever gotten an ugly holiday sweater, you know the dread that comes with having to wear it. You feel guilty if you don’t so you reluctantly put it on anyway and wait for your cheeks to get pinched at the same time. So I’m kind of glad that I missed out on that part. But whatever, I have ~*CoOl*~ holiday sweaters to wear.

And you can too! Check out these 8 holiday sweaters that are way cooler than what your grandma will give you.

What’s your favorite dress above? Do you wear sequins during the holidays? What is your go-to holiday outfit? Tell us in the comments!

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