10 Super Pretty and Easy Holiday Hairstyle Tutorials For Long Hair

If you’re going somewhere for the holidays, whether it’s a family dinner or a big New Year’s Eve party with all of your friends, the occasion calls for a special hairstyle that you don’t do all the time. The holidays are a time when you can get all glitzy and fancy and look a little more done up (as my grandma would say). And if you’re going to wear a pretty dress, why not pair it with an elegant hairdo?

Wondering where to start? YouTube has the answers. There are a bunch of fun holiday hairstyles out there and I picked a few that are easy to recreate on your own and will make you look a little more glam than usual. Wear these around Christmas or save them for New Years Eve – or use them twice! Here are 10 pretty and easy holiday hairstyle tutorials:


Holiday Headband with Curls and Bouffant Half-Up Hairstyle

This is a two-in-one tutorial – the girl shows you how to make a pretty DIY headband. If you want to use one you already have, just skip to the 2:00 mark.


Holiday Braided Updo

This one is a lot easier than it looks. Bonus: it will keep your hair off your face for a worry-free style that will last hours.


Kim Kardashian Everyday Old Hollywood Glamour Curls

If you just want simple yet elegant waves/curls, try this tutorial. It uses hair extensions, but you don’t need to include those.


Faux-Bob Taylor Swift Inspired

Give yourself a new look for the holiday by doing a curly faux-bob. Celebs do it all the time and it’s a really different, pretty look that will surprise everyone.


Braided Bun

This super pretty braided bun works for shoulder-length hair, if your locks are on the shorter side.


Get Ready With Me: Christmas Party Hair and Makeup

This video is a makeup and hair tutorial all in one. The look is really pretty and simple – I love that she uses rollers instead of a curling wand.


Elsa Hairstyle, Inspired By Disney’s Frozen

This fun hairstyle is so different… and if you love Frozen, it’s even better!


Easy Ponytail Hairstyle

This romantic, soft ponytail is great for any day of the year. Add sparkly clips to make it even more holiday appropriate.


Easy Messy Bun

If you’d rather keep it simple, more casual and super easy, go for this messy bun.


The Fishtail Braid

Another ridiculously easy hairstyle that looks like you put a lot more effort into it than you did? The fishtail braid. It’s my favorite go-to. Watch my queen Lauren Conrad show you how to do it. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be doing it in under two minutes.


Which of these is your favorite? Which are you going to try? What kind of hairstyles do you want to see? Tell me in the comments.


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