The 10 Best Non-Sexual Things You Can Do For Your Boyfriend, According To Reddit Users

Because of all of the stereotypes out there about what males and females like and don’t like, a lot of girls assume that the only way to keep their boyfriends satisfied is by doing sexual things. That is totally not true! There are plenty of other things that make guys happy besides sex and it’s actually unfair to assume any differently.

Don’t believe me? This Reddit thread asking guys about the best non-sexual things their girlfriends can do for them is proof. A bunch of different dudes answered and explained the non-sexual things they like the most. This stuff is good to know whether you’re having sex or not if you want to have a great, happy relationship. Also, it’s interesting. Here are 10 non-sexual things you can do for your boyfriend, according to Reddit users:

Which of these things do you think is the best? What other non-sexual things do you do with your boo? Tell us in the comments.


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