Ask A Guy: How Do I Tell My Crush That I Like Him Back?

Dear Ethan,

I have a crush on this guy and a mutual friend of ours told me that he told her that he likes me. I want to let him know that I like him back, but I’m nervous. How do I tell my crush that I like him too?

Whether through physical flirtation, by notifying a mutual friend, or via carrier pigeon, there are a million ways to let a guy know that you like him. But perhaps the best way – certainly, at least, in your case – is to tell him outright! For you, the hardest part’s already out of the way, since you know for a fact that he’s into you. For things to progress further, you might just have to ask him out!

Yeah, I know – just the thought of this kinda makes you want to puke, doesn’t it? But by telling your friend about his crush rather than telling you himself, he’s proved that he’s just as nervous as you are. Which means he’ll be more than thrilled to have you take things to the next level by affirming your own affections.

It’s normal to get nervous about openly revealing your feelings. In fact, it’d be weird if you didn’t get nervous! Telling another person that you like them — even when you have a hunch that person feels the same way — can make even the bravest woman or manliest man go weak in the knees. I remember the first time I ever told a girl I liked her, I nearly passed out! (And trust me, I am one manly man.)

Don’t worry, expressing yourself will only get easier with practice. The more experience you pick up, the less you’ll want to throw up. But you’ve got to start somewhere! So pull this guy aside and tell him what’s up. It’d be great if you can ask him out to coffee or for lunch… but if you’re not ready to inquire about a date, just letting him know that you’re into it will hopefully inspire him to make the next move!

Good luck!

Ethan Fixell is a writer and comedian from New York City best known as one half of comic “dating coach” duo Dave and Ethan. When not touring the country, Ethan gives weekly advice in the video series “Dude Seriously?”. For more on Ethan, visit


Why won’t he make it official if we act like a couple?!

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  • Gladis

    Say your name 10 times
    Say your moms name 5 times
    Say your crush’s name 3 times
    Post this on four other quizzes and your crush will kiss you next Friday
    If not bad stuff will happen

  • Linda

    Today at this time, I finally told my crush that I like him. I am nervous.

  • Chelsey

    My crush told me he likes me over a game of truth in snapchat. He gave me hints. After he said that it was me he likes, I just told him I like him the same way. I basically spazzed out for the next half hour until he went to bed. I could tell he was amused even though he was in the dark so I couldn’t see his face. He’s planning on asking me out next week!!!