Quiz: Are You A Bad Gift Giver?


Will your holiday gift make people smile or go WTF? | Source: Clueless/Paramount

Okay, buying gifts for people can be hard. No matter how many gift guides you read or cool potential gifts you come across, it’s nerve wracking!  Even when it’s someone you know like the back of your hand, figuring out exactly what they want can be a pain. Think about it: How many of you still struggle to figure out what the hell your dad wants every holiday season? I know that I do.

But even if figuring out gifts is a struggle, does that mean you’re a bad gift giver? Not necessarily, but you should take our quiz and find out for sure. Better to be safe than sorry, right?




What is the worst gift you’ve received? Who is the hardest person to buy a gift for? Tell us in the comments!


Which Gift Should You Give? A Guide To Help You During The Holiday Season!


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