This App Might Solve All Of Your Problems

You’ve heard it before, “There’s an app for that.” There are apps for everything from studying to sexting to completely useless apps that are just the worst. I use a lot of apps, but many of them are just convenient more than anything else. I don’t really think that Draw Something is life-changing.

There are some apps that I can’t live without like GroupMe for chatting with my friends, iBooks and The Weather Channel. And Candy Crush

What if there really was an app that could solve your problems and change your life?

Well, there’s a new app that can do just that. Seriously, it’s called AgonyApp, and it looks pretty awesome. Basically, it’s a support group on your phone. You can join anonymously or as yourself and talk to other women about almost anything. Their website says it’s a “social yet discrete way for you to ask questions, offer advice and get real answers from real people on everything that matters to you.”

It will operate in a fashion similar to Twitter where you’ll have a timeline and the ability to follow others, comment, like and share. It’s all about airing your “agonies” or complaints in a safe space. You can ask something small like what outfit to wear on a first date to serious relationship questions. It’s really up to you. Their current categories include beauty, fashion, news and gossip, relationships, mummies, wellbeing, life changing and work. I’m sure they’ll add more as the app grows.

You can even vote on responses that you like best so others with similar questions can get help too. AgonyApp also has what’s called “Auntie Points,” which you get when you participate. You can even get rewards with the more points you get, and DailyMail says that the app plans to feature celebrity guest “aunts” in the future. Can you imagine getting real life advice from someone like Oprah directly?!

I honestly think this is a really great idea, especially since it has the anonymous aspect to it. We all have issues and things we want to complain about, but sometimes we have embarrassing questions. Sure, you can Google those and just clear your search history. But it’s so much better to get real answers from real people.

The community style of this app is really great too, and it already will operate on a platform style that we’re familiar with. If you’ve been on our forums, you know that talking to a community of people can be really comforting. This basically takes it on the road for you so you always have a support group in your pocket.

The app will be available tomorrow for download tomorrow so I’m definitely going to check it out. Hopefully I can access it while I’m having a lot of anxiety on the subway during my morning commute.
What do you think about this app? Are you going to download it? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Fiona B

    I liked the idea and downloaded it – I actually got a little hooked leading up to xmas. I think its great and I’m sure we’re going to see many more services like this. It feels really private, the spirit seems really supportive, genuine and even though a few questions seemed superficial the answers seemed anything but. Actually I was blown away by some of the answers (some by men too – didn’t expect that at all). Overall this has started to give me a real good sense and faith in people and their good heartedness. Amazing what a difference a few words can make! Well done to the folks in the UK.

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  • Fashionfalle

    This sounded really stupid but I downloaded the app anyway. It is slow and doesn’t feel as smooth as other apps. I looked at some of the topics and wondered why I would post my thoughts to a bunch of saddos and strangers to get some pointless comments.
    Not a hit.