The Reason Hot Girls Have No Problems

This morning I came across a pretty interesting video called #HotGirlProblems. Finally! A video that explains the kind of hardships that hot girls go through.

The video explains things like not getting free stuff, getting hit on and having to pretend to like salad. I’m so glad that someone finally acknowledged the kind of issues hot girls have.

I mean, not being able to help looking good in sweatpants is the definition of the struggle. It’s hard out there for hotties.

While I get that this video is making fun of girls who complain about dumb things, it’s really frustrating that the message is “traditionally attractive people have no problems.” It’s also a question of who determines who is or isn’t hot, but that aside, everyone has problems. That’s a human thing. Check out the video for yourself:

This video should be titled #DumbComplaints instead of putting off the idea that “hot” girls aren’t allowed to complain about anything. The complaints themselves in this video are obviously sarcastic and stupid. Yet, there’s this whole stigma that “hot” people aren’t allowed to have problems. You’re hot! Your life is perfect! You get everything you want all the time!

That’s a really crappy way to think, and it’s simply not true. No one’s looks allows them to escape from problems. No one has a perfect life, regardless of what you look like. The fact that your problems can be invalidated because you’re considered hot is absurd and really unfair. It’s dismissive, just like calling someone crazy disregards how that person feels by assuming they’re irrational.

Everyone has issues. I have issues like anxiety and my inability to recognize stress. I have attachment and trust issues. I have trouble saying no and feel the need to people-please. Does someone calling me hot suddenly invalidate those issues for me? I sure hope not because they are real issues that I struggle with on a daily basis. How would you feel if you were struggling with something that felt huge to you and someone told you it wasn’t a big deal because you’re hot? Is that supposed to be a compliment?

The point is, every person has problems. No matter how big or small, those problems probably feel pretty large to that person, hot or not.
What do you think about the video? Do you think “hot” people don’t have problems? Tell us in the comments!

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  • emma

    i get that its a joke, but they made a bullima joke…really?!???

  • tiffany

    honestly… it does annoy me a little when pretty girls complain about all the attention they get. that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have problems, but they were born lucky in the appearance lot, and that’s the first thing people notice about you. try looking a little less pretty for a day, and you’d think twice next time about complaining to someone who has been stigmatized/bullied for being unattractive. :/ sorry if this offends anyone.

  • Heathmariee125

    I actually got told something like this the other day. “You’re so pretty so everything is easy for you” .. Noot true! -.-

  • anony

    its a joke.