10 Cute Winter Outfits Inspired By Our Favorite Elf Characters

When it comes to Christmas movies, I typically enjoy the oldies more than anything new (I mean, Christmas With The Kranks? Really?) – stuff like It’s A Wonderful Life, the old-school Rudolph The Red-Nose Reindeer and A Christmas Story. So when Elf first came out, I was very skeptical. I was afraid it would be really stupid and lame… but I was totally wrong. Elf quickly became one of my favorite Christmas movies ever because it’s funny, it’s sweet and it really captures the spirit of the holiday.

I’m obviously not the only fan of Elfeveryone loves this movie. That’s why I knew it would be perfect to come up with cozy and cute winter outfits inspired by some of the best characters from the movie. All of these outfits are festive and perfect for the holidays, but they can easily be worn all winter long. They’ll keep you warm AND looking really adorable. Now, look at these outfits inspired by Elf characters, make some hot chocolate and go watch it.. again. Oh, and click on the images for more info on the clothing and accessories pictured.


Buddy The Elf

buddy the elf



jovie elf movie


Santa Claus
santa claus elf movie outfits


Walter Hobbs
walter hobbs elf movie outfits


Emily Hobbs

emily hobbs elf movie outfits


Gimbel’s Manager

gimbel's manager elf movie outfits


Miles Finch

miles finch elf movie outfits


Leon The Snowman

leon the snowman elf movie outfits



ming ming elf movie outfits



narwhal elf movie outfits


Which of these outfits is your favorite? Which Elf character is your favorite? What movie do you want to see outfits inspired by? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Marissa

    Puh-lease do a Rudolph one ;-; with Rudolph, Cornelius, the abominable snowman, Hermey, Sam the snowman, and the misfit toys ;-;

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  • Lissa

    I love the Back to the Future idea, but I’m going to add the new movie Frozen. Am I the only one who thinks every single one of the characters would make an awesome winter outfit?

  • Jillian

    These are all cute Christmas outfits. My favorites are Narwhal, Ming-Ming, Leon, and Emily.

    And, yes, PLEASE do Back to the Future next!

  • NorthStarSea

    Could you guys do one of Back to the Future characters? (Including Clara from the third movie.)

    • Jessica Booth

      Great idea! I will definitely keep that in mind 🙂