The 7 Most Awkward Things About Bra Fittings

We’ve expressed to you the importance of bra fittings a few times. Wearing a bra that doesn’t fit correctly can actually have an affect on your body. Seriously, wearing the wrong size can cause headaches, back pain and even indigestion. You can avoid so many problems by just taking ten minutes to get fitted.

You can get fitted at pretty much any shop that sells bras from Victoria’s Secret to the bra section at Macy’s. Where you go is up to you (I will say I loved my experience at Intimacy!). The important thing is that you just go! Now, even though getting fitted is totally worth it and you should definitely do it, the awkwardness of bra fittings is still present. I mean, you have a stranger touching your boobs. It’s weird.

Have you ever been fitted for a bra? Was it weird? Were you wearing the right size? Tell us in the comments!

Does your breast size matter?

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  • Lilly

    I am a bra fitter! I LOVE it! I get to feel nice boobs everyday. It’s so nice! Once a girl peed her pants Caz I was measuring her boobs. Another time a girl removed my top so she could see mine. She was really uncomfortable. But now when ever I go in a dressing room to measure I remove my top and bra.

  • Iris

    The fitter showed me her bra to show how things work. It was a bit weird.

  • Bobo

    @ Lisa,
    Sorry, they were just so cute, perky and erect, I couldn’t help myself!

    • ame

      stalk much?

  • Lisa

    My “fitter” felt my nipples. I thought that to be a bit too much.

  • Lisa

    Proper English grammar must be dead.