8 Horrible Things You Probably Learned From Cinderella

It took me a while to get into Cinderella when I was younger. That cat and the idea of being locked in a room really scared me. Eventually I got over those fears and was able to watch Cinderella without running out of the room crying and got to experience the movie for the cute fairy tale that it is.

Looking back at this classic Disney movie has me thinking about the lessons it taught us. I know Cinderella is a beautiful fairy tale, and homegirl is living happily ever after. But that doesn’t mean we have to agree with how everything went down. I personally think it’s an issue if you have mice and birds frolicking around in your house, but there are more serious things wrong with the film.

What do you think about Cinderella? Can you think of anything else wrong with the movie? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. avatarAna says:

    Of course the shoe thing is unrealistic, and the prince could have asked the one with the other shoe or go around, seeing who looked familiar. It’s possible Cinderella couldn’t bear the thought of leaving the home where she lived with her mother AND father for fear of leaving the memories. It’s also possible her godmother came at the worst, because cinderella’s stepsisters had destroyed the one thing of her mother’s she had, which almost took it away all together.

  2. avatarSara says:

    Wow… it’s a love story for children, to teach them true love and a beautiful ending. You shoudn’t analize everything…
    About the shoe… It fits just Cindarella because she’s the one for the Prince! That’s so easy!!!!!!!!!
    Cartoons, fairy tales are all beautiful and meant to teach. What is more, you can dream about it! What’s wrong with you!!!!!

  3. avatarsophia says:

    this story was made for small children. The story isn’t meant to over analyze every little thing about the story. It just a simple plot line. with one simple message and the rest doesnt really matter. i doubt that most 6 year olds are watching cinderella and thinking “why didnt the fairy god mother come earlier” or ” cant the show fit more people”
    everything about this post is wrong. its like you’re trying to make these shows seem wrong as some sort of feminist stand. these stories arn’t meant for people who over analyze things to much it takes the fun and joy out of them which is pretty much what you just did. ITs a story about hope and love. not whatever you think its about.

  4. avatarAlexis says:

    The original story was written at a time when women did not leave the house until married off. Secondly, at the time, feet were bound up, smaller feet were considered elegant, so the story showed that she was princess material, while the stepsisters cut their feet to try and fit the shoe. Last, I don’t know about you, but at six years old, I would much rather watch a fairy get the princess all prettied up for a party than watch a fairy come talk to a girl after her father died.

  5. avatarCassandra says:

    Why can’t we just let little girls (and boys) enjoy Disney movies for what they actually are: cute movies that are supposed to be fun and enjoyable? Why do we have to dissect every little thing? I’m sure no 6 year old is watching Cinderella with a pencil and paper, noticing all the supposedly bad things. These movies only promote bad messages if we try to find them.

  6. avatarCassandra says:

    Gurl, do you allow just anyone to write posts these days? I feel you didn’t read this through at all. So many things are wrong about what this post says. Let’s take the abusive step-mother and step-sisters for example. This girl makes it seem like children of an abusive parent always realize it is abuse. Too many cases show that more often than not there is one child targeted in these situations, especially if the child is not one of their own. Now, as a child watching I never realized this was a form of abuse either. That being said, this time period was a lot different than what it is now. Children never thought of leaving their homes, especially if locked in their rooms. So, should she stand up to her step-mother? There was definitely fear on more than one level there. As for the rest of the story, yes, it is fiction. It is fun to think that everyone and anyone can be a princess for a day. To escape the cruel and unforgiving world around them. Sometimes, that IS all one has. And yes, maybe the prince isn’t everyone’s ideal man, but to some he may be just the right fit (pun intended). So, let the little girls dream. Let them watch stories about princesses or dinosaurs or Amelia Earhart. In the end, we all have fantasies and dreams. Stop trying to crush every Disney princess because YOU don’t like her story.

  7. avatarpumpkin_pie says:

    I understand that in reality none of this could happen and real people would handle these situations differently, but we have to remember that this is a fairytale for small girls. We all wanted to believe in a prince Charming on a white horse that would sweep us of our feet and that’s okay. We were not supposed to analyse each Disney Princess and complain how the story is too far fetched and it would never happen in life. I really doubt that a 9 year old is smart enough to come to those conclusions and these stories were made for them in the first place. So, as much as I agree with the statements, I think it actually might be healthy for girls to believe in love at first sight/ true love, and personally, this fairytale hasn’t caused me any emotional damage, just a lot of hope and smiles :)

  8. avatarBecca says:

    yeah she could have left her situation . . . and gone where? to a brothel? its not like she had much money or any other place to go.

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