10 Gifts For The Friend Who Has Everything

Parents are notoriously difficult to shop for, especially when you’re working on a budget. My dad is so hard to pick out gifts for because if he wants something he’ll just go get it, but thankfully we have a guide for dads. But there’s always that one friend who is impossible to shop for.

It’s not that she won’t like what you’ll get her, but it’s because she has everything! I had a friend in high school who you just could not shop for. She was always ahead of the curve on the latest trends and got the newest gadgets before us. Our friend group would always chip in to get her something really cool since none of us knew what to do.

Check out these weird and unique gift ideas that are perfect for the friend who has everything:

Do you have a friend that’s impossible to shop for? What are you going to get them? Do you have any other gifts you’d like to add to this list? Tell us in the comments!

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