10 Ways To Tell That You’re A Bad Kisser

Kissing is one of those things that takes practice to get good at. No one is an amazing kisser on their first try. It takes time! Unfortunately not everyone is a great kisser, but luckily there’s always room for improvement. How do you know if you’re a bad kisser though?

No one really tells their partner if they’re a bad kisser. I mean, how much would it suck to hear that from the person you’re kissing? It would be awful! That’s why we’re here though. Here are 10 ways to tell that you’re a bad kisser:

You think that practicing with yourself in the mirror is a good idea.

You stand there with your lips puckered like this.

You do the woodpecker move.

You spend too much time on ears and necks and not enough time on the mouth.

You use an excessive amount of tongue.

Seriously, TOO MUCH.

You keep your eyes open.

You’re too grabby with the other person’s face.

You just kinda stand there and don’t do anything.

Nibbles are fun every now and then, but you’re a biter and might hurt someone.

Are you a bad kisser? Do you know a bad kisser? What’s the worst kiss experience you’ve ever had? Tell us in the comments!

If your BF is a bad kisser, you can make him better!

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  1. avatarIan Jay says:

    My first kiss was when I was thirteen, and it was at night against the fence at a baseball field. Her name was Irene and I didn’t really know how too kiss.. But she kinda taught me. We kisses regularly at first and then she put her tongue in my mouth and we frenched for awhile and I kinda really liked it lol xD. But wanna know the bad part? It was my bestfriends girlfriend. And I felt terrible the next day.

  2. avatarLauren says:

    I’m 16 and I had my first kiss not too long ago- and many more following- I was nervous as all hell before it, but I was surprised at how naturally it came to me! My boyfriend tells me I’m a great kisser too, and it’s nice to be able to communicate affection with my lips. If I have any advice ot would be to make sure you taste good, because it makes me confident. Brush your teeth if you know it’ll happen. Chew some gum beforehand (make sure to spit it out) or have a tasty drink. My boyfriend and I both love apple juice- and kisses that taste like apple juice. But most of all, do it out of love. My most favorite feedback I ever got from him was that “It’s a kiss from someone I love, and that makes it all the more special.”

  3. avatarLeslie❤️ says:

    I’m 17 and have had many kisses in my day! I used to think making out and kissing and French was all the same thing you’d do Everytime because every guy I kissed just wanted action and that was pleasurable for them. It got to the point where this guy that kinda liked me was such a terrible French kisser I didn’t even blush after. Turns out the best kiss I’ve ever had was with my current boyfriend. He doesn’t try and French kiss you…. He kisses you sweetly in a way that makes you smile during and afterq. That’s what I believe a true kiss, trust me ladies, it is a whole lot better and I hope you all find a guy that can take your breath away by being a man who wants you for you and not to use you.

  4. avatarAllison says:

    I had a boyfriend who thought that biting and sucking my top lip excessively too much was “hot”. It hurt so bad, and i had no idea how to tell him that i hated that without hurting his feelings. Worst situation ever.

  5. avatarsammy says:

    im only 16 and I haven’t kissed anyone. its sucks

  6. avatarAlexis says:

    The first time I kissed it felt like a fairytale and I was 17. I was so shy..but then couple months later we moved on to french, for our first time it was pretty good. we make out and you’ll be happy to know practice makes perfect

  7. avataraNGELi8cca says:

    i had my first kiss yesterday when a kid that has a girlfriend that i dont know from kellenberg picked me up and took me to mcdonalds and then we fux. tru stori

  8. avatarMitch Walden says:

    I suck at kissing

  9. avatarjOYCE says:

    My boyfriend used to “French kiss me” and I hated it. Who wants somebody else’s saliva in their mouth and a deep kiss? The only way to tolerate it is if one or both parties have used mouthwash. At least that cuts down on the germs. Lightweight kisses are fine with me and I like to kiss but not to THAT extreme.

    • avatarNico says:

      You must be young haha. Don’t worry honey, french kissing becomes a lot more appealing when you are older and you find the right person.

  10. avatarMeg says:

    Make sure your first kiss is with someone you want it to be with. The guy who kissed me wasn’t a good kisser and I didn’t feel that spark or instant connection when I was with him. It really doesn’t matter how old you are for your first kiss I mean if you haven’t had it yet then you are just waiting for the right guy or girl to come along which is perfectly fine.

  11. avatarVICTORIA says:

    From 5 to 13 I dated the same guy, can you call it dating at 5? Ha, ha! Anyway, our first kiss was age 12 if memory serves & I was so infatuated with him that all that emotion, warmth and something I couldn’t yet define went into that kiss, from both of us. Good thing his mom was home because that kiss blew the circuits!!! We looked at each other in a new way going forward.

    In high school, 14-18, I had no boyfriend. I had a few dates, a few kisses. I’m a Leo and tend to express myself through emotion at times & I remember after kissing boys, they were attached to my mouth. For days it was great, I didn’t sleep with them or lead in that direction, but around day 5 they would start to look me in the eye, this weird look. Finally I’m like WHAT? And even though I’d done nothing wrong they would always say, ” a girl that looks like you & kisses that way? You must want something or are trying to trap me.” Idiots, every one of them! I’m 41 now & never had children! Ha! Anyway, the point is don’t worry about dating, boys in high school are still growing up and are confused a lot! Kiss if you want or not, don’t be afraid to practice & dream! Wait for the the “one” before you have sex, a connection makes it so much better! Any comments they make your way, positive = keep, negative = it’s back on them and their insecurities, DO NOT ACCEPT OWNERSHIP!

  12. avatarMelissa says:

    I was 17 I went on a double date with a setup,it was like he was trying to eat my face when I got home that night I looked in the mirror and my face was all chapped from his sloppy kiss.

  13. avatarDanielle says:

    Is something wrong with me if I am 16 and still havent been kissed? Ive only had one guy ask me out.

    • avatarBec says:

      Oh sugar, not at all! A first kiss should be a special thing, and you’ve got a whole life time of romantic adventure ahead. Trust me, boys (or girls, no judgement) aren’t a big deal. Don’t be self conscious about a lack of experience, just focus on yourself. Do the shit you wanna do, be as awesome as you like, and the kisses will just come. I was almost 16 for my first kiss, but after it happened I had so many boys coming up to me telling that they had liked me for ages but I was intimidating. It’s entirely possible you’re so awesome the guys around you don’t feel like they have a chance! Love, the self confident artistic bookworm who never much cared what other people thought (and ended up with LOTS of kisses) xx

    • avatarSixWireS says:

      nah, im 19 and i didnt get my first gf till i was 18 and im still with her, i was always to nervous to talk to girls if i liked them and if they showed signs that they liked me i didnt really know how to react haha but its all good now and im happy with my girl friend

    • avatarbob says:

      yea that’s kinda an issue

  14. avatarCharlotte says:

    My first kiss was with my boyfriend, though he’s my ex now. I was in 8th grade, and it was on the last day of school, I was so worried I’d mess up and it was really not as hard as I’d worked it up to be, he took me behind the school and kissed me and it was great.

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