First Date Looks: 10 Clothes And Accessories For My So-Called Life Inspired Style

My So-Called Life was a great but short-lived show back in the early ’90s about a Angela (Claire Danes), a teenage girl trying to figure out who she is. Whether it is through her clothes, her colorful friends and her hot and cold relationship with the oh so dreamy Jordan Catalano (Jared Leto), she experiences what all of us experience: The ups and downs of teendom. 

But one of the most iconic aspects of this show was probably the fashion. It has ’90s written all over it, sure, but each character had their own style profile. Angela’s style was pretty trendy grunge while her friend Rickie’s style was polished and but loud. But my queen, Rayanne, wore so much tie-dye and mixed prints and amazing jewelry and ended up looking like a combination of Nirvana, TLC and The Greatful Dead at the same time.


If you haven’t watched the show, check it out on Hulu. And after you do that, get inspired to dress the part for a fun look for a date or a night out with your friends–driving in a car, listening to ’90s music of course. Here are the 10 clothes and accessories that’ll make it happen.



Which My So-Called Life character had the best style? Would you rather dress like Rayanne or Angela?  Tell us in the comments!


10 Clothes And Accessories For An Early ’00s Look That Won’t Make You Cringe…Much

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